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Hard Money Lenders for First Time Real Estate Investors

New to real estate investing?
We’ve got you covered.

Asset Based Lending understands that everyone starts somewhere- that’s why we work with first time real estate investors. From fix and flips to rental property, ABL specializes in helping investors of all experience levels. Most hard money lenders won’t work with first timer investors because of the greater risk compared to lending to an experienced investor with a proven track record.

As investors ourselves, we have a deep understanding of what makes a good deal and whether an investor’s plan makes sense, including their budget, scope of work, time frame, etc. By focusing on the asset at hand and utilizing flexible underwriting instead of a one-size-fits-all loan approach, ABL feels comfortable partnering with new investors. As the best hard money lenders for first time investors, we believe that with the right plan and the right resources, first time real estate investors can grow alongside us and scale their business.

How Does It Work?

Initial Contact

First, you’ll speak to an experienced loan officer at Asset Based Lending. They’ll discuss the details of your upcoming project and ask about your current credit score and capital liquidity. If you need a proof of funds to acquire the property, we can assist with that as well. After a 10 minute conversation, we’ll be able to assess whether we can finance your investment or not. If things look good, we can take your information and move your loan into Underwriting.


If the loan request meets our basic underwriting criteria, we will ask the borrower to:

  • Fill out a loan application
  • Provide a purchase contract for the property
  • Provide a written anticipated scope of work for the property

Once the above is completed, we will schedule an appraiser to inspect and appraise the property. After we receive all paperwork, we can close your loan!

Loan Closing

There are typically two closing transactions that occur – the property purchase and the loan settlement. With respect to the loan settlement, our borrowers will be required to sign a variety of loan related documents which will include (but are not limited to) a mortgage, note, security agreement, personal guarantee, investment affidavit and assignment of rents and leases. We will have already sent loan proceeds to the settlement agent, so after all the documents are signed and reviewed by the various parties to the loan, we will approve disbursement of loan proceeds to the appropriate party.

Servicing (Draw Management)

On a rehabilitation or new construction loan, we will release the portion of the loan dedicated to the renovation or construction project in stages. Each installment will be released to the borrower’s (entity) bank account at the completion of a particular draw stage upon completed inspection of work. Generally, the period of time between initial draw request and money being wired is 3-4 days. In addition to draw management, ABL services the loan by providing support for requests related to insurance issues and interest payments.

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“They’re more than just a lender to me, they’re a partner of mine.

Harry went from first-timer to full time real estate investor with ABL by his side. Hear his story and see what The ABL Difference can do for you.

“Anyone who wants to get into this business, go with ABL. They’re the best.

Ameer is a police officer looking to retire early through real estate investing. Hear how ABL is helping him succeed with his plan.

Experience The ABL Difference

See why thousands of local real estate investors trust ABL to be their real estate financing partner.

Recently Funded First-Timer Projects

Rahway New Jersey Mixed Use Renovate-To-Rent

Borrower Profile: First-Time Borrower – First-Time Investor
Work Description: Cosmetic Renovation – Mixed Use
Purchase Price: $375,000
Renovation Budget: $65,000
Loan Amount: $185,000
Loan Purpose: Loan Refinance & Property Rehabilitation
ARV: $780,000

Middletown New York Fix And Flip

Borrower Profile: First Time Borrower – First Time Real Estate Investor
Work Description: Fix And Flip – 3 Single Family
Purchase Price: $190,000
Renovation Budget: $55,000
Loan Amount: $196,000
Loan Purpose: Property Purchase & Rehabilitation
ARV: $335,000

Durham North Carolina Fix And Flip

Borrower Profile: First Time Borrower – First Time Real Estate Investor
Work Description: Fix And Flip — Single Family
Purchase Price: $310,000
Renovation Budget: $25,000
Loan Amount: $257,000
Loan Purpose: Property Purchase & Rehabilitation
ARV: $406,000

Jacksonville Florida Renovate-To-Rent

Borrower Profile: First Time Borrower – First Time Real Estate Investor
Work Description: Cosmetic Renovation — Triplex
Purchase Price: $85,000
Renovation Budget: $32,760
Loan Amount: $98,000
Loan Purpose: Purchase & Rehab
ARV: $156,000

Why Choose ABL?

ABL isn’t just a hard money lender- we’re also real estate investors. We understand what investors are looking for in their hard money loans, needing quick and reliable financing to ensure their projects are successful and allowing them the ability to scale their business. Our team is fully in-house, from underwriting to draw management, which lets us guarantee a five-star experience for every borrower.

Are These Private Money Loans?

These are private hard money loans, and we are a private hard money lender. As a private lender, we use flexible underwriting to help a wider range of real estate investors than other lenders limited by outside factors. This allows us to work with investors of all experience levels.

How Do I Get Better Interest Rates For My Loan?

New investors aren’t eligible for our best possible rates and terms, as the increased risk means more conservative lending. However, ABL scales with our investors, offering better rates and leverage after completing round-trip deals with us which helps our borrowers to continuously grow their business. The more deals you do with us, the better your loan terms become, so you’ll always receive better rates on your next project!

How Does ABL Work With First Timers?

As a direct hard money lender with full control of our capital, we’re able to thoroughly examine every deal and determine its viability. We make sure our minimum loan criteria is met, as well as our minimum requirement for credit score and borrower liquidity, and ensure that the project’s scope of work is reasonable. If the deal checks all of these boxes, we’re ready to move forward, regardless of experience level.

Hard Money Loans For First Time Investors

Many hard money lenders avoid working with first time investors due to the increased risk- no proven experience makes the loans more unpredictable than lending to an experienced investor. At Asset Based Lending, we understand that everyone starts somewhere, and we structured a program that allows us to offer first time investors the same hard money loans that our experienced borrowers receive, along with the same five-star experience. Whether its bridge loans for fix and flips or buy & hold rental loans, we offer programs that help real estate investors finance their first project. 

Getting through your first project is a major accomplishment, and choosing the right lender can make the difference between a financial success and a huge headache. Our hard money loans for first time real estate investors are designed to be as fast and easy as possible, offering flexible terms to match the project at hand. Whether you need higher leverage, lower interest rate, zero points, or something else, ABL can structure our deals to provide you the most profitable loan. If you’re a first time investor seeking hard money lending, then contact us today.