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Fix and Flip, New Construction, Cash Out/Refinance

Asset Based Lending, LLC (ABL) is your trusted partner for private, hard money lending in Connecticut. As direct private money lenders in CT, we work with real estate investors throughout the state, including Hartford, Fairfield, New Haven, Storrs, Essex and Bridgeport.

We provide 12-month, interest-only bridge financing for the following programs: Fix and FlipNew Construction, and Cash Out/Refinance. We also offer term rental loans for buy and hold investors.

The Leader In Connecticut Hard Money Loans

Whether it is in the urban areas of Bridgeport or Hartford or the suburban areas of Fairfield County, we’re the go-to residential hard money lenders in CT thanks to our ability to close quickly and provide reliable asset based loans for fix and flips or new construction.

The keys to our success are speed and service; we can tell you within a 10 minute call whether or not your deal is one that we can potentially fund. If it is, we typically close the deal within 2 weeks but can move faster if required.

ABL’s funding solutions, paired with the local relationships we have established with vendors in your area, ABL equips you with an entire team of real estate experts and community businesses to support your project.

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Boris Akbashev
VP of Lending 

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Kevin Mohollen
VP of Lending

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ABL Lends in:
Hartford, Fairfield, New Haven, Storrs, Essex

Boris Akbashev 
VP of Lending

Boris graduated from the CUNY Macaulay honors college with a Bachelors in Business Administration and Economic., Before joining ABL, he was a real estate agent doing residential and commercial sales as well as the property manager of a  300 unit co-op complex. Now, Boris represents ABL in NJ and CT, helping real estate investors secure financing for their projects.

Kevin Mohollen
VP of Lending

Kevin Mohollen graduated from the University of Delaware with an MBA in Accounting where he played baseball for the duration of his time there. He began his career in the financial advisory space, working with companies such as Vanguard, SEI, and the startup Pontera. Now, Kevin uses his experience to help real estate investors secure the proper financing needed to grow & scale their business. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing any chance he gets and celebrates his love of sports by cheering for all Philly sports teams.

Success Story

Brookfield, CT
New Construction – Single Family
Purchase Price:
Renovation Budget:
$457,100 (Construction)
Loan Amount:
Loan Structure:
12 Months Interest Only
Sale Price:

Your Premier Lender for Hard Money in CT

Worry-Free Fix And Flip Lending

It requires vision to be able to identify a property in disrepair and map out how to remodel it into a showpiece that is ready for sale. It also requires money to be able to purchase the property and begin the work. ABL’s home fix and flip loans are integral to your profitability. We are proud to provide real estate investor financing to both experienced real estate investors as well as qualified first-time borrowers.

Since the ability to move quickly is crucial to taking advantage of investment opportunities, ABL offers speedy financing solutions that typical lending institutions cannot. We can close in as little as three to four days if the paperwork is in order, and on average, closing time is 10 days for our loans. These hard money loans can cover up to 85% of the property’s purchase price and 100 percent of the repair costs. Click here for more information about the process, rates and requirements for home fix and flip loans.

New Construction Financing

ABL prides itself on fast and flexible underwriting for new construction projects, as we realize seasonal and market conditions can affect the speed at which you need to move. When conventional financing is not an option, we offer innovative new construction loans in CT. Our new construction financing solutions are available only to experienced investors, contractors and builders. These individuals can borrow up to 70% of the land value along with 100 percent of the construction costs.

Our underwriting requirements for new construction loans are flexible, and there are no minimum credit score requirements. However borrowers can place their trust in ABL, since we won’t grant a loan if we’re not confident that the deal with be profitable for all parties. To learn more about ABL’s rates and criteria for these 12-month construction loans in Connecticut, click here.

Connecticut Rental Loans

Asset Based Lending offers private rental loans for buy and hold investors in Connecticut. These doc-light rental loans are designed for 1-4 family property investments with single rental loans up to $3M and rental portfolio loans up to $3M. Our unique capital structure allows us to offer the most competitive loans for rental property, with rates starting as low as 6.875% and leverage up to 80% LTV.

ABL focuses on providing a flexible and simple loan process, offering a variety of rental loan options including 30-year amortization, ARM, and interest-only options. We work with investors of all experience levels, assessing each deal based on the income-producing viability of the property. Our team partners with the best local appraisers, attorneys, and title agents to insure a five-star experience for our borrowers from start to finish. If you’re an investor looking for CT rental loans, contact us today.

ABL Understands Local Real Estate Markets

Our team has been lending in Connecticut and the rest of the northeast for over a decade, becoming experts in the local real estate markets. Whether its new condo builds in Stamford or a fix and flip in Norwalk, ABL understands how to tailor a loan to match your specific project in these areas. Based on internal and external data, ABL has identified the following cities as some of the top choices for real estate investors: Hartford and Bridgeport. These cities have exploded with new residents moving out of New York City, causing their real estate markets to boom and produce high ROI for savvy investors. If you’re looking to invest in these areas with our Connecticut hard money loans, contact us today.

Why Choose ABL?

We are Local Private Hard Money Lenders

  • We understand your local real estate conditions
  • We use local appraisers, title agents and closing attorneys

We are a Direct Lender

  • We use our in-house money to fund your loans
  • We directly control our approvals and closings

We are Reliable and We Close Fast

  • Preliminary approval in 24 hours
  • Close in 7-10 days

We Manage the Draw Process Efficiently & Quickly

  • We help create and approve your draw schedule
  • We use local inspectors to assess your progress
  • We quickly release your funds when an inspection is approved

Asset Based Lending, LLC was founded in 2010 and is a leading local source of hard money in the residential real estate market. We have consistently received praise from our borrowers who emphasize our quick, hassle-free closings, favorable terms, and creative financing solutions.

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