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Asset Based lending offers quick and simple financing for real estate investors across the state of Arkansas. We lend on fix and flips, new construction, cash out refinances, and buy & hold rental property. Our loans in Arkansas are fully serviced in-house, so you’ll be under the ABL banner from your first phone call through your final loan payoff, ensuring you receive a five star experience. We partner with the best local appraisers, attorneys, and title agents in our lending areas so our borrowers are working with the best in the industry. After you experience the ABL Difference, you’ll never use another hard money lender.

  • Quick closings – as fast as 2 days with appropriate paperwork
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Torin Francis
Loan Officer

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Loan Officer

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Arkansas hard money lender
Torin Francis
Loan Officer

Torin Francis graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor’s in Marketing. He spent his college years as a starting member of the Fighting Irish basketball team. After graduating he continued playing on a professional level for 15 years, allowing him to travel and play for 15 countries. In 2020, Torin’s passion for real estate brought him to the residential mortgage industry, and eventually to joining the ABL team. He is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Maryem Haddoumi
Loan Officer

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“They’re more than just a lender to me, they’re a partner of mine.
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Ameer is a police officer looking to retire early through real estate investing. Hear how ABL is helping him succeed with his plan.

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AR Real Estate Market Highlights



+12% YOY, September 2022


29 Days

September 2022



Q1 2022



Q1 2022



YOY, 2021



September 2022

Local Information For Arkansas Real Estate Investors

Arkansas’ local real estate markets have grown exponentially over the last few years, thanks to the state’s recent job growth and available real estate compared to nearby states that are behind in supply. As of September 2022 the average home sale price reached $250,400, which is an increase of more than 12% year over year and just below the five-year-high for the state. Homes are spending 29 days on market, which is a drop of 13 days from the previous year and highlights the competitive real estate markets that Arkansas currently holds.

Supply is lagging behind demand, as only 8,418 homes are for sale throughout the state which represents a nearly two month supply of inventory. Healthy markets typically have a minimum of three months supply available, so Arkansas real estate is seeing large gains because of it. More than one quarter of homes sold are being sold above the initial asking price, and which the transactions occurring quickly from listing to final sale, these markets are favorable to fix and flip investors as well as new construction investments.

Recommended Areas For Arkansas Real Estate Investing

Asset Based Lending are experts in local Arkansas real estate markets, reviewing trends and shifts to better inform our borrowers while providing the best possible loan terms for each project. Compiling data from Redfin, public town records, and local news sources, we believe some of the best Arkansas areas for real estate investors are:

Little Rock The capital of The Natural State is also one of the best spots to invest in Arkansas real estate. Boasting the highest population in the state by far, this metro area is the center of commerce and represents some of the highest paying jobs within hundreds of miles, which boosts the demand for quality real estate. The average home sale price for the city is $230,000, which is up nearly 3% year over year and represents a 5-year-high for the area. Homes are spending approximately 40 days on market, which means this is currently a healthy real estate market in terms of its relative supply and demand. As of September 2022, the city is boasting an unemployment rate of 3.1% which is slightly below the national average and indicates a strong local economy that will continue to boost the real estate market.

Fayetteville Another top city for investing in Arkansas real estate is Fayetteville. As the second largest city in the state and home to the University of Arkansas, this city brings multiple real estate opportunities with it. Whether its offering rental property for students and educators to stay in, or rehabbing and flipping single-family homes to families looking to buy their first house, investors have a wide variety of options here. The average home sale price is $335,100, which indicates a nearly 16% increase year over year and slightly below the 5-year-high for the area. Homes occasionally sell over their listing price here, but most times prices are met at the asking price. However, the speed of sales is stunning, as properties are only spending an average of 15 days, when benefits investors lookin to quickly exit their project and pay back their lender before moving onto their next deal.

Springdale Located in the northwestern corner of the state with easy access to Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri sits Springdale. As one of the bigger towns in the state, housing demand has boosted this local market with the average home sale price reaching $300,000, which is a 20% year over year increase and a five-year-high for the area. Homes are selling fast, with the average property spending only 11 days on market before being sold. Especially hot homes are selling for 3% above asking price and selling as quickly as three days, which fix and flip investors as well as new construction investors can benefit from.

Recently Funded Fix & Flip Projects

Smoke Rise, GA Fix & Flip

Borrower Profile: Repeat Borrower – Full-Time Real Estate Investor
Work Description: Gut Renovation — Single-Family Detached
Purchase Price: $667,000
Renovation Budget: $201,000
Loan Amount: $753,500
Loan Purpose: Purchase & Rehab
ARV: $1,130,000

Summerville, South Carolina Fix & Flip

Borrower Profile: Repeat Borrower – Full-Time Real Estate Investor
Work Description: Cosmetic Renovation — Single-Family Detached
Purchase Price: $165,000
Renovation Budget: $74,500
Loan Amount: $214,000
Loan Purpose: Purchase & Rehab
ARV: $370,000

Rahway, New Jersey Fix & Flip

Borrower Profile: First-Time Borrower – Full-Time Real Estate Investor
Work Description: Cosmetic Renovation — Mixed Use
Purchase Price: $375,000
Renovation Budget: $65,000
Loan Amount: $185,000
Loan Purpose: Loan Refinance & Property Rehab
ARV: $780,000

Kennebunk, Maine Fix & Flip

Borrower Profile: First-Time Borrower – Experienced Real Estate Investor
Work Description: Cosmetic Renovation — Multifamily 4
Purchase Price: $485,000
Renovation Budget: $120,000
Loan Amount: $464,000
Loan Purpose: Purchase & Rehab
ARV: $665,000

Arkansas Fix And Flip Hard Money Loans

Financing Your Arkansas Fix And Flips

Asset Based Lending specializes in fast financing for fix and flip investors with flexible loan options that cover a variety of rehab projects. On average, ABL rehab loans close in just 10 days and approves loans in 24 hours, so our borrowers never miss an opportunity. These 12-month interest-only bridge loans allow investors to acquire property and begin renovations using the most competitive rates on the market. Whether its multifamily flips or single family rehab, our hard money fix and flip loans can be underwritten to match any investment project that meets our minimum loan criteria. ABL flip loans provide funding up to 85% of property purchase price and 100% of the rehab costs. Click here to learn more about our Arkansas fix and flip loans.

Why Arkansas Investors Choose Fix And Flips

Fix and flips are the standard real estate investment and for good reason, as these fast paced projects can put tens of thousands of dollars into an investor’s pocket and allow them to move on to bigger and better investment opportunities. Right now Arkansas fix and flips are producing an average profit of $37,880, and with homes staying on the market for an average of 29 days, fix and flip investors can chain together several deals to walk away with healthy profits. With the fast moving markets, investors need fast moving loans. Our fix and flip loans focus on closing in 10 days on average so our borrowers never miss an opportunity due to financial delays. Whether you need to close fast, are seeking flexible loan terms, or another lender simply dropped the ball, ABL is here to help.

Using Hard Money Loans For Fix And Flips

More real estate investors are choosing hard money loans for real estate investments than ever before, and there’s a few reasons behind that. Conventional mortgages have very restrictive criteria and don’t offer the same level of flexibility as hard money loans, making them difficult for fix and flips and other real estate investments. Some investors turn to private money loans due to their direct lending and relaxed loan criteria, but the problem with private money lenders is their lack of hard commitment and potential to not follow through when funding is needed most.

Arkansas hard money lenders offer the same level of security and reliability as traditional financial institutions while providing the speed and flexibility of a private money lender. By having full control of their own funds, a hard money lender has the ability to assess each borrower on the merit of their investment and determine loan viability based on the individual project. If the hard money fix and flip loan is coming from ABL, the loan is handled completely in-house which allows fast deal closings and professional draw management that funds your project on your schedule. When it comes to all types of real estate investments, but especially fix and flips, the best choice are ABL hard money loans.

Recently Funded New Construction Projects

Avon North Carolina New Construction

Borrower Profile: Repeat Borrower – Experienced Investor
Work Description: New Construction – Single Family + Guest House
Purchase Price: $419,000
Construction Budget: $754,000
Loan Amount: $997,000
Loan Purpose: Land Purchase & New Construction
ARV: $2,483,000

Cape Coral, FL Cash Out & Construction

Borrower Profile: First-Time Borrower – Experienced Real Estate Investor
Work Description: New Construction – 3 Single-Family Homes
Purchase Price: $285,000
Renovation Budget: $579,793 (Construction)
Loan Amount: $735,000
Loan Purpose: Cash Out & New Construction
ARV: $1,216,000

Knoxville, TN New Construction

Borrower Profile: First-Time Borrower – Full-Time Real Estate Investor
Work Description: New Construction – 4 Single-Family Homes
Purchase Price: $85,000
Renovation Budget: $680,000 (Construction)
Loan Amount: $650,000
Loan Purpose: Property New Construction
ARV: $1,360,000

Atlanta, GA New Construction

Borrower Profile: First-Time Borrower – Newer Real Estate Investor
Work Description: New Construction – Single-Family Home
Purchase Price: $40,000
Renovation Budget: $425,000 (Construction)
Loan Amount: $395,000
Loan Purpose: Property New Construction
ARV: $680,000

Arkansas New Construction Hard Money Loans

Loans For Arkansas New Construction

Asset Based Lending works with experienced builders and developers to finance their new construction investments. Investors use these 12-month interest-only bridge loans to cover the financial hurdles that can prohibit certain deals from going through. Rates for our new construction loans start as low as 9.99% and we provide loan amount ranging from $100K to $3.5M. We never charge prepayment penalties and offer a transparent loan process from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. With more than half of our borrowers returning for repeat business and hundreds of verified five-star reviews, its clear that Asset Based Lending has the best loans for Arkansas new construction loans.

Arkansas New Construction Investment Info

Arkansas new construction bounced back in 2021 and continues to dominate in 2022, with the northwest sector seeing the largest gains. Residential building permit values throughout 2021 were up an impressive 35% from the previous year, with major cities like Fayetteville and Bentonville surpassing their permits issued. The state has seen steady population growth year over year, with a nearly double spike in 2021, which has helped boost the demand for housing across Arkansas’ more popular areas. Student housing is constantly in demand for the state’s college towns, as is permanent housing needed for staff and faculty, which also increases the demand for Arkansas new construction. Builders and developers can take advantage of these market conditions by filling the gaps in inventory and profiting from the seller’s market the state finds itself in. If you’re ready to use Arkansas construction loans to scale your real estate business, then contact us today.

Choosing Asset Based Lending For New Construction Loans

As real estate investing becomes more popular and new construction continues to rise, more investors are looking for additional capital and finding out its not as easy as it sounds. Many people first turn to banks, but banks are very risk-averse and tend to avoid new construction loans by having extremely restrictive criteria or flat out denying the loans. This has investors looking at private money lenders due to their relaxed criteria and more flexible loans, but private money loans don’t offer the same reliability and security of a financial institution which can cause major problems during construction.

Luckily, private hard money lenders in Arkansas are somewhere in the middle and the hard money loans they offer are perfect for new construction projects. A hard money loan combines the security and reliability of a conventional bank loan with the speed and flexibility of a private money loan, allowing borrowers to rest assured that their funding will be guaranteed and delivered on time. Knowing you can trust the financing and that the loan will be tailored to match your specific project means you can focus on the important work- like finishing that gorgeous suburban home that you plan to sell for a profit! Whether you’re looking to build a few homes a year or you’re ready to scale to multifamily development, then contact us today to discuss your upcoming projects.

Arkansas Rental Loans & Cash Out Refinancing

Loans for Arkansas Rental Property

Asset Based Lending offers fast and easy rental loans for Arkansas real estate investors. These term rental loans are designed for buy and hold investors that want to secure properties between 1-8 units or refinance an entire rental portfolio. We offer competitive terms with rates starting as low as 6.875% with leverage up to 80% LTV. Our goal is to provide the most flexible rental loan options to our borrowers including 30-year amortization, ARM, and interest-only options. ABL offers a variety of rental loan options with single rental loans up to $3M and rental portfolio loans up to $3M. We assess each project based on the income-producing viability of the property, allowing us to work with investors of all experience levels. ABL also provides the ability to use our bridge program to complete property rehab or finance ground up construction before refinancing into a long-term rental loan, making us a one-stop shop for Arkansas real estate investors. Click to learn more about our rental loan programs.

Arkansas Rental Markets

With the population growth increasing throughout the state and the college towns being more popular than ever, Arkansas rental markets are seeing impressive growth. For example, Fayetteville has seen an 11% increase in average 1-bedroom rentals over the last year, and a whopping 71% increase in average 3-bedroom rentals. Since the majority of the area rents versus owns, it means filling any vacant properties should be easy and thus investors can take advantage of current market conditions.

As mentioned earlier, college towns like Fayetteville and Springdale are benefitting from increased short-term and long-term visitors throughout the year. This consistent flow of temporary residents are boosting the short term rental market in the area, making Airbnb and Vrbo properties a viable investment strategy. Whether you’re looking to buy and hold property for traditional long-term rentals or are interested in growing a small portfolio of short term rental properties, Asset Based Lending can help finance your success. If you’re ready to start or grow your real estate rental portfolio using our Arkansas rental loans, then contact us today.

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Asset Based Lending, LLC was founded in 2010 and is a leading local source of hard money in the residential real estate market. We have consistently received praise from our borrowers who emphasize our quick, hassle-free closings, favorable terms, and creative financing solutions.

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