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Hard Money Loans for Fix and Flip, New Construction, and Rental Property

Asset Based Lending is the premier hard money lender for real estate investors in Maine, offering a variety of real estate loans that help finance the acquisition and exit strategy of our borrowers. We provide direct bridge financing for fix and flips and new construction, as well as cash out refinances and term rental loans. Our team specializes in closing deals quickly, approving loans as fast as 24 hours and closing loans in 10 days on average. ABL offers flexible hard money loans that are written to match your specific project, whether you’re looking for lower interest rates, maximum leverage, zero points, or something else- Asset Based Lending’s underwriting team can match our loan to your investment needs.

We work with real estate investors of all experience levels, whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned pro, offering the same five-star service to all our borrowers. ABL’s doc-lite approach to hard money lending in Maine makes our process swift and easy, and our guarantee for no pre-payment penalty makes our product the most reliable hard money loans Maine has to offer. As local lenders and investors ourselves, our team understands that a new construction loan in Bangor needs to be underwritten differently than a rental loan in Portland, ensuring that our borrowers are receiving the best possible loan parameters every time.

Direct Hard Money Lenders in Maine

Asset Based Lending started in 2010 as a local hard money lender in New Jersey. Since then, we’ve expanded to the entire east coast and other areas of the country, with a total loan origination of over $2B. Our fast financing has helped investors close deals they’d normally lose out on, and our flexible underwriting has enhanced our borrower’s exit strategies by providing them the best hard money loans for their specific projects. We recently began offering our services to Maine real estate investors, providing fast and flexible financing across the entire state including Rockingham County, Cumberland County, York County, Penobscot County, Strafford County, and everywhere in between. ABL specializes in local real estate investments, with our team of underwriters and loan officers being experts in their markets to best serve our clients. As trusted and experienced lenders, ABL has strong relationships with the best local appraisers, attorneys, and title agents in the state. These relationships help us deliver a streamlined loan process from start to finish, which is part of why why Asset Based Lending is the best hard money lender in Maine.

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Hard Money Loan Officer in Massachusets
Michael Chadwick
VP of Lending, New England

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ABL Lends in: Hard money lending in all of Maine, including Cumberland County, Kennebec County, Penobscot County, Rockingham County, Strafford County, and York County pending underwriting

Maine hard money lenders
Michael Chadwick
VP of Lending, New England

Michael Chadwick joined Asset Based Lending as a Vice President and Area Manager in December 2020, bringing with him over 20 years of real estate and financial services experience in the New England area. Prior to ABL, Michael was responsible for developing and directing the day to day operations for a private lender in the north east where he led the origination and underwriting of over $150 million in loans across 5 states. In addition to Michael’s hard money lending and commercial finance background, Michael has hands on experience as a real estate investor having led a private investment firm through the acquisition and renovation of approximately 150 homes throughout New England. Michael is an expert in managing hard money loans for real estate, with experience in assets ranging from single-family fix and flips to 7-figure multi-family new construction projects and everything in between. His skillset spans many aspects of real estate lending including underwriting, property valuation and analysis, and even construction draw management. His dedication and personal touch have cultivated strong business relationships with his borrowers throughout the years, meshing perfectly with ABL’s lending culture.

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Your Premier Lender for Hard Money in ME

Fast and Reliable Fix And Flip Loans

Fix and flip loans are our most popular product, with real estate investors using us to finance the acquisition and renovation of a property before selling it for a profit. With minimum money down, ABL provides loan approval as fast as 24 hours and can close deals in as little as two days with the appropriate paperwork. These 12-month, interest-only bridge loans are designed for our borrowers to move in and out of their deal quickly, with no pre-payment penalty to punish a successful flip. ABL flip loans provide funding up to 85% of purchase price and covers 100% of rehab costs, making them the most borrower-friendly fix and flip loans Maine has on the market.

We work with fix and flip investors of all different experience levels, whether its your first flip project or you’re chaining together dozens of deals every year. ABL’s team focuses on fast financing and reliable draw schedules so your project is capitalized quickly and never is delayed due to funding. Choose us for your next flip and flip investment to find out why more than half of ABL’s borrowers are repeat borrowers!

New Construction Loans for Real Estate Investors

For our more experienced real estate investors, ABL offers bridge financing for new construction. These Maine construction loans are flexible and scalable for your project, which makes them the best option for builders and developers looking to finance their next investment. ABL funds 70% of the land value and 100% of the construction costs, so you can focus on the finer details of your project rather than the money!

We lend on different types of new construction projects including single-family and multifamily, as well as offering loan refinancing if you wish to hold the property as an income-producing asset in your rental portfolio. While our underwriting criteria is flexible, you can rest assured that we will not move forward with a deal unless we believe both parties will benefit. If you have a new construction project that needs financing and want to discuss how we can help, give us a call or fill out our pre-qualification form and see if your project qualifies for our hard money new construction loans.

Maine Rental Loans

With the BRRRR strategy becoming increasingly popular, ABL now offers term rental loans for long-term and short-term rental property. These rental loans for real estate investors are designed for 1-4 family properties and are a doc-light approach to financing rental property. ABL offers rates as low as 6.875% with leverage up to 80%. With our unique capital structure and flexible underwriting, we can offer single rental loans up to $3M and rental portfolio loans up to $6.25M.

ABL offers a variety of rental loan options including 30-year amortization, ARM, and interest-only options. Similar to our other loan programs, we work with investors of all experience levels whether you’re looking for your first rental property or wanting to expand your current portfolio. If you’re ready to be approved for the most reliable ME rental loans, then contact us today.

Why Choose ABL?

We are Local Private Hard Money Lenders

  • We understand your local real estate conditions
  • We use local appraisers, title agents and closing attorneys

We are a Direct Lender

  • We use our in-house money to fund your loans
  • We directly control our approvals and closings

We are Reliable and We Close Fast

  • Preliminary approval in 24 hours
  • Close in 7-10 days

We Manage the Draw Process Efficiently & Quickly

  • We help create and approve your draw schedule
  • We use local inspectors to assess your progress
  • We quickly release your funds when an inspection is approved

Asset Based Lending, LLC was founded in 2010 and is a leading local source of hard money in the residential real estate market. We have consistently received praise from our borrowers who emphasize our quick, hassle-free closings, favorable terms, and creative financing solutions.

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