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Fix And Flip Resources

A Free Library Of Fix & Flip Resources For Real Estate Investors

For real estate investors looking to improve their fix and flip business, break into the industry,
or simply catch up on the latest research and statistics, this library is designed for you.

Hard Money Deal Calculator

Before jumping into a deal, it’s important to have a firm understanding of the entire deal scenario. Use our free fix and flip deal estimator to crunch the numbers and evaluate your potential deals.

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Ebooks & Whitepapers

Written by the expert team at ABL, with the help of top real estate professionals, these free educational materials provide a solid foundation for investors seeking to improve their business.

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Real Estate Blog

From interior design trends to real estate market analysis and everything inbetween, the ABL blog covers a wide variety of real estate investing topics and industry news.

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Fun, visual methods of analyzing data that includes topics from targeting millennial homebuyers to hiring contractors.

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Case Studies

Get inspired by real estate investors before you. Review deal scenarios, outcomes, and before/after pictures.

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Recently Funded

Updated every month with the deal economics & pictures from some of our recently funded hard money loans.

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Tips For Flips

Join over 1,000 real estate investors who get bite-sized fix and flip tips in their inbox each day! Smarter investing through 21 tips in 21 days.

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Browse our extensive library of videos including partner interviews, before & afters, and educational sessions.

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Get answers to the most commonly asked ABL and hard money lending related questions.

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