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Loan Questions

Where do you lend?

Connecticut: ABL lends in Hartford, Fairfield, New Haven, Storrs, and Essex.

Florida: ABL lends in all counties in Florida.

Georgia: ABL lends in all counties in Georgia.

Maine: ABL lends in all counties in Maine.

Maryland: ABL lends in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Baltimore City, Cecil, Charles, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George.

Massachusetts: ABL lends in the greater Boston area; Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Middlesex, and Plymouth.

New Hampshire: ABL lends in in Belknap, Carroll, Cheshire, Hillsborough, Merrimack, Rockingham, Stafford, and Sullivan counties.

New Jersey: ABL lends in all counties in New Jersey.

New York: ABL lends in New York City (all boroughs), Nassau, Orange, Rockland, Suffolk, and Westchester counties.

North Carolina: ABL lends in all counties in North Carolina.

Pennsylvania: ABL lends in Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, and Philadelphia.

Rhode Island: ABL lends in all counties in Rhode Island.

South Carolina: ABL lends in all counties in South Carolina.

Texas: ABL lends in all counties in Texas.

Virginia & D.C.: ABL lends in Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Washington D.C.

How quickly can you close?
Although most of our loans close within two weeks of initial borrower contact, we can close within 3-4 days if all the paperwork is in order.
Do I need good credit to get a loan?
We do pay attention to the credit background of the deal principals, however a borrower does not have to have good credit to close with us.
Do I need cash to close?
Yes, we do require our borrowers to have some cash to settle, pay interest over the course of the loan and be able to deal with cost overruns with the rehab project.
Do I need experience to close?
Having experience is very helpful but we do lend to first time borrowers.
Will you finance loan points?
In certain circumstances, yes.
How do I start?

Fill out a pre-qualification form, or call or email us with a basic deal summary. We will review and call you back if you email, or begin the conversation immediately if you call. We will listen to what you are looking for from a lender. We will then ask you some questions about the profitability of your deal, your experience, the value of your real estate asset, available cash liquidity and your payoff plan for our loan. We will tell you approximately how much money we think we can lend to you and at what cost. We will also tell you what the process is to close our loan and all the associated costs.

If we think there is a viable deal, we will ask you if we should order an appraisal for you. The first cost you will incur is the appraisal cost (paid directly to the appraiser) which varies with the type and size of the property. You will not be asked for any money from us until we send you a term sheet outlining the entire deal structure and all deal costs.

What initial paperwork do you need?

We do not require any initial paperwork, however it is very helpful to us if you provide a loan application and a deal summary. Even better if you also have a purchase contract and a proposed scope of work. And better still if you also can provide us with some value comparisons for the target property.

What is your typical loan structure?

We offer a one year loan that is interest only until maturity and no prepayment penalty. Learn more about our loan programs.

Will you lend to an individual?

No, we only lend to some kind of entity – LLC or Corporation.

Do you require personal guarantees of the principals?
Do you lend to owner occupiers?
No, we only lend to investors. All of our loans must be non owner-occupied.
Will you take a 2nd lien position on a loan?
No, we are a 1st lien lender only.
Do you offer new construction financing?
Yes, but only to experienced contractors or builders.
Are you a direct lender?
We are a direct lender with control of our own funds and decision making.
How soon can I expect a preliminary approval from ABL?
Within 24 hours if the submission is complete.
Will you roll loan costs into the loan?
Yes, but it depends upon the particular circumstances of the loan and individual circumstances of the borrower.
Do you offer discount pricing for return borrowers?

Yes, after two successful loans the pricing can be reduced assuming the circumstances of the next loan are substantially similar to the first two.

What is the minimum credit score you require for a loan?

We do not have a minimum credit score, however, we do examine our borrower’s credit, and look at payment patterns. If your credit is poor we will look for other parts of the deal that make it safer for us.

What income requirements do you require?

We do not have set income requirements for the borrower, but the borrower must be able to demonstrate the ability to pay scheduled interest.

Do you ever speak and meet with the borrower directly?


Will you re-finance my property if I already own it and want to rehab and sell it?

Yes, but only if you do not live in the house and have no intention of ever living in the house.

What are your lending limits?

$75,000 – $1,750,000

Will you lend 100% deal cost?

No, we lend 80-85% of purchase and rehab costs up to a maximum of 60%-65% of after rehab value (ARV).

Will you lend 100% of rehab costs?

Yes. But we examine carefully your scope of work and draw schedule.

What properties will you lend on?

We concentrate on both single and multi-family residential real estate. We also lend on mixed use commercial properties with a residential component.

Are there any properties you do not lend on?

We do not lend on primary residences, co-ops, raw land, mobile homes, or extremely rural properties. We lend when we can value the asset with a high level of confidence.