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Rental Property Financing Your Buy Rehab & Rent Strategy Deserves.

When it comes to building long term wealth through a Buy Rehab & Rent strategy, or simply leveraging the equity in a rental property (or portfolio) you currently own, a trusted lender that specializes in rental property financing is critical to your success.

Through our fund of approximately $100,000,000 and specialized bank partnerships, we’ve developed a best in class solution that provides rental property investors the flexibility of hard money with the benefits and pricing of conventional mortgages. Our process is proven, fast, flexible, and reliable.

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Rental Loan Program Highlights

  • No seasoning requirements
  • No personal income verification
  • No doc program available
  • Cashout/refinance rates as low as 5%
  • Up to 80% LTV for cashout/refinance
  • 625 minimum credit score
  • Close on purchase in 10 days or less

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Build A Portfolio & Leverage Your Equity With Rental Loans As Low As 5%

Lending Options Lending Options
With our arsenal of rental property loans, investors know we can get them into the program that fits their needs. Max Cash Out? Lowest Rate? Highest LTV? We have you covered.
No Broker Fee No Broker Fee
ABL isn’t brokering your loans, so you’ll never pay us broker fees. We’ve developed a business partnership with a mortgage bank that understands the unique needs of our investors.
Peace Of Mind Peace Of Mind
Our team of specialists will structure and pre-approve your rental propety refinance while we’re closing your fix and flip loan, so you can rest easy knowing your exit strategy is ready.
Competitive Rates & LTVs Competitive Rates & LTVs
With rates between 5%–8% and LTVs as high as 80%, our cash out refinance programs for rental properties are as aggressive as you’ll find in market.
Flexible Underwriting Flexible Underwriting
These programs were built by investors, for investors. We underwrite to the profitability of the project, and reduce documentation needs as much as possible.
The ABL Difference The ABL Difference
Expert advice, access to decision-makers, speed, and reliability; the service you’ve come to expect from the ABL team and our partners.

Rental Property Financing: The Process

rental property financing step 1 Identify The Opportunity

Nothing happens without a good deal. Whether you’re looking to buy and renovate an investment property to then hold for rental income, or looking to leverage the equity in existing properties, we’re here to talk you through how we can help. You’ll speak with an experienced local Loan Officer that understands your business and will walk you through potential loan programs, deal economics, and what you’ll need to get it done. Our team specializes in purchases, fix and flips, new construction, and of course cash out refinances for rental properties.

rental property financing step 2 Finance The Purchase and Rehab (If Applicable)

When your deal involves the acquisition of a new property, the first phase of the loan program is financing the purchase and renovation – fast. We know that speed is often the difference between securing a profitable investment property, and speed is our specialty. We’ll finance the purchase and renovation bridge loan at up to 85% of purchase and 100% of rehab. You’ll be pre-approved within a day, and can close in 10 days or less. At this time, we’ll also help you evaluate your exist strategy and get you pre-approved to transition to the long-term loan that best suits your needs.

hard money loans for rental properties step 3 Prepare The Rental Property Refinance

At the same time that we’re processing and closing your fix and flip loan, you’re working with our Loan Officers and Partners to identify the best long-term solution for you. We know every deal is different, so we have multiple programs designed with investors in mind. Want to pull the most cash out and not worry about property seasoning? We have a program for that. Want a no doc loan? No problem. Is interest most concerning to you? Ask about qualifying for our lowest rate programs.

rental property financing step 4 From Hard Money To Term Rental Property Loan

When the rehab is nearing completion, we’ll begin the process of transitioning you from our short term fix and flip loan to a longer term loan for rental properties at a lower interest rate. With your permission, we’ll transfer as much applicable documentation as possible to our lending partner and expedite the process so that as soon as your renovation is complete your exit refinance is waiting for you. Through this process, most investors are able to not only refinance at a lower rate, but also pull some cash out thanks to the property’s new market value and start the process over again.

The Short Story About ABL’s Rental Loans

What are the benefits of rental property financing through Asset Based Lending?

There are multiple benefits to using ABL for your rental property loans.

  • There is no 1 size fits all approach here. We have a variety of rental loan programs available, and will choose the option that best fits your needs. This includes a no income verification rental loan, a max LTV program, a lowest rate program, etc.
  • If you are purchasing a new property that you hope you keep for rental income, ABL will help you quickly secure the purchasing and renovation funds. A typical term loan could take several months to close, but ABL will close the hard money fix and flip loan in just a matter of days.
  • There are no seasoning requirements, so we can begin the process as soon as the property is in rentable condition and provide a cash out refinance loan at market value immediately.

Are these hard money rental loans?

The long-term financing for your rental property is not a hard money loan. For projects with a purchase and rehab component, the initial loan will be a hard money fix and flip loan with a cash out refinance exit strategy.

What are the typical terms of a rental loan takeout?

While all loans are different and structured to meet the individual investor’s needs, the typical rental loan is a 30 year fully amortizing loan with rates between 5%–8%. LTVs typically range from 60%–80%, with an average DSCR requirement of 1:1 (although lower DSCR programs are available).

Does the property need to be rented to qualify for rental property financing?

No, the property does not necessarily have to be rented in order to qualify for loans on a rental property. For 1-4 family homes, condos, and townhouses, the loan may be able to use market rents.

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