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Fix and Flip, New Construction, Cash Out/Refinance

Asset Based Lending is the premier hard money lender for Michigan real estate investors, boasting over twelve years of lending experience and more than $2B in originations. We work with real estate investors of all experience levels for multiple investment strategies including fix and flips, new construction, cash out refinancing, and loans for rental property. Our team specializes in closing deals quickly, approving loans as fast as 24 hours and closing loans in 10 days on average.

ABL loans are fully serviced in-house, from the underwriting to the draw management, so our team can promise you a five-star experience from your first call through your final payoff. As experts in the local Michigan real estate markets, we make sure to offer the best possible loan to match your exit strategy. We understand that a new construction investment in Grand Rapids needs to be handled differently than a fix and flip in Detroit, so our borrowers can trust we have their specific project in mind. Fast closings, flexible underwriting, local knowledge, and a streamlined loan process- that’s the ABL Difference. Contact us today to be approved for your Michigan hard money loan.

The Most Reliable Hard Money Lender in Michigan

Asset Based Lending started in 2010 as a local hard money lender in Jersey City, New Jersey. After ten years and $2B in projects funded, ABL is now the premier direct lender for real estate investors across the country. As trusted and experienced hard money lenders for Michigan real estate, we pride ourselves on the strong business relationships we’ve built with the best local appraisers, attorneys, and title agents in the Michigan real estate markets. These relationships help us deliver a smooth and easy loan process from start to finish, so you can focus on your project while we focus on everything else.

As investors ourselves, we understand what borrowers need to close their loans and complete a successful real estate investment. ABL uses flexible underwriting and quick closings to provide the most reliable hard money loans for Michigan real estate investors. We value transparency, with no hidden fees or surprise costs at any point of the loan and direct access to decision makers whenever you have a question or concern. With and more than half of our borrowers returning for repeat business, its clear that Asset Based Lending is the best hard money lender Michigan has to offer.

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MI Real Estate Market Highlights



+7% YOY, April 2022


13 Days

April 2022


+ 42%

Q1 2022





+ 4%

2010 – 2020



April 2022

Recently Funded Projects

Avon North Carolina New Construction

Borrower Profile: Repeat Borrower – Experienced Investor
Work Description: New Construction – Single Family + Guest House
Purchase Price: $419,000
Construction Budget: $754,000
Loan Amount: $997,000
Loan Purpose: Land Purchase & New Construction
ARV: $2,483,000

Cape Coral, FL Cash Out & Construction

Borrower Profile: First-Time Borrower – Experienced Real Estate Investor
Work Description: New Construction – 3 Single-Family Homes
Purchase Price: $285,000
Renovation Budget: $579,793 (Construction)
Loan Amount: $735,000
Loan Purpose: Cash Out & New Construction
ARV: $1,216,000

Smoke Rise, GA Fix & Flip

Borrower Profile: Repeat Borrower – Full-Time Real Estate Investor
Work Description: Gut Renovation — Single-Family Detached
Purchase Price: $667,000
Renovation Budget: $201,000
Loan Amount: $753,500
Loan Purpose: Purchase & Rehab
ARV: $1,130,000

Summerville, South Carolina Fix & Flip

Borrower Profile: Repeat Borrower – Full-Time Real Estate Investor
Work Description: Cosmetic Renovation — Single-Family Detached
Purchase Price: $165,000
Renovation Budget: $74,500
Loan Amount: $214,000
Loan Purpose: Purchase & Rehab
ARV: $370,000

Michigan Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors

Quick Closing Fix and Flip Loans

Asset Based Lending offers fix and flip loans to real estate investors that know how to turn the ugliest house in the nicest neighborhood into a gorgeous piece of real estate and sell it for a profit. We designed these 12-month bridge loans to allow fix and flip investors a chance to reliably finance their projects, letting them remain competitive in the marketplace with fast closings and flexible loan options. Whether you’re working on a single-family flip in Grand Rapids or rehabbing a Detroit multifamily before selling it at a profit, Asset Based Lending is here to help.

As investors ourselves, we understand that speed and reliability are what investors need from private hard money lenders in Michigan, so we specialize in closing deals as quickly as 10 days or less with loan approval in just 24 hours. We offer flexible underwriting for our flip loans so borrowers can choose lower interest rates, maximum leverage, zero points, or another option that suits their needs. ABL flip loans provide funding up to 90% of property purchase price and 100% of the rehab costs. Whether you’re flipping your first property or are a full-time flipper, our hard money loans are ready to finance your next success. Click here to learn more about our Michigan fix and flip loans.

Reliable New Construction Loans for Experienced Investors

New construction is on the rise in Michigan, with over a 40% increase in new builds at the start of 2022. With housing inventory at an all-time low and demand for property continuing to rise, now is the time for real estate investors to strike. ABL offers hard money loans for new construction to experienced builders & developers, partnering with seasoned professionals who understand their scope of work. These new construction loans allow investors to borrow up to 90% of the land value and 100% of the construction costs.

ABL tailors each new construction loan to match the specific project, providing loan flexibility that’s unmatched by other private hard money lenders in Michigan. We assess the investor’s experience level and viability of the proposed build to ensure the deal is profitable for all parties, making sure our borrowers never find themselves in a bad loan. Click here to learn more details about our MI new construction loans.

Rental Loans For BRRRR Investors

Asset Based Lending is proud to offer simple and reliable rental loans for BRRRR and Michigan real estate investors. These private rental loans are designed for buy and hold investors looking to secure 1-8 unit properties. We offer competitive terms with rates starting as low as 6.875% with leverage up to 80% LTV. With so many different investor strategies, ABL focuses on providing a variety of loans to our borrowers including 30-year amortization, ARM, and interest-only options.

As a direct Michigan hard money lender, ABL is able to provide single rental loans up to $3M and rental portfolio loans up to $3M. We offer these loans to investors of all experience levels, assessing each deal based on the income-producing viability of the property. We focus on the local MI real estate markets, understanding the different trends and helping our borrowers make informed decisions on ther investments. If you’re ready to grow your real estate business with our Michigan rental loans, contact us today.

Why Choose ABL?

We are Local Private Hard Money Lenders

  • We understand your local real estate conditions
  • We use local appraisers, title agents and closing attorneys

We are a Direct Lender

  • We use our in-house money to fund your loans
  • We directly control our approvals and closings

We are Reliable and We Close Fast

  • Preliminary approval in 24 hours
  • Close in 7-10 days

We Manage the Draw Process Efficiently & Quickly

  • We help create and approve your draw schedule
  • We use local inspectors to assess your progress
  • We quickly release your funds when an inspection is approved

Asset Based Lending, LLC was founded in 2010 and is a leading local source of hard money in the residential real estate market. We have consistently received praise from our borrowers who emphasize our quick, hassle-free closings, favorable terms, and creative financing solutions.

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