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Flips Flops & Fortunes: The Real Estate Investing Ebook

Flips Flops And Fortunes:
Real Estate Experts Share Their Stories

Discover the trials and tribulations of fix and flip real estate investors as they recount the highs and lows of their past investments. This collection of stories follows real estate investors’ fix and flip and new construction projects and investigates what went right, what went wrong, and what new investors can learn from their experience.

Read advice from experienced real estate professionals and seasoned ABL loan officers as they recount the challenges and triumphs that they experienced first-hand.

Here’s a preview of some of the scenarios recounted in this FREE E-book:

  • A First Time Flip
    A real estate power couple reminisce about their first investment.
  • Lucky Charm
    One investor’s fix and flip sells far above its initial appraised value.
  • Just One More Thing
    Two investors experience setbacks that extend their project timelines.
  • Full Transplant
    An experienced investor takes on a full gut fix and flip challenge.
  • Lost in Translation
    Poor communication causes major issues for two different projects.
  • Double Whammy
    A real estate mogul remembers his first time flipping two houses at once.
  • The Big Flop
    The stories of two failed investments and what went wrong.
  • Stronger Than the Sting
    How one investor stayed strong after a major DOB corruption case.
  • Building an Empire
    An investing pro discusses his techniques for managing his business.
  • The Perfect Flip
    A professional investor recounts his smoothest flip ever.
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