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Video Guide to ABL

You asked, we answered – the complete video guide to hard money lending!

With so many common questions and situations arising during the hard money loan process, our team decided to sit down and explain the different stages of partnering with a hard money lender like Asset Based Lending. We introduce you to the ABL team servicing your loans and break down what documents are needed, when they’re needed, how to present your deal to underwriting, tips for closing your hard money loan reliably in our signature 10-day time frame, and more!

Whether you’re a first time real estate investor or just new to Asset Based Lending, these videos will help you understand how to work with a hard money lender and make sure you’re prepared from your first phone call through your final payoff!

Prefer to read? Check out our written FAQ for ABL hard money loans!

Starting With Asset Based Lending

A brief introduction to working with Asset Based Lending and the different services we provide to real estate investors!

Meet Your Asset Based Lending Team

Learn about the different ABL teams that will be working with you including loan officers, underwriters, processors, appraisers, and the draw & payoffs team!

How To Fund Your First Investment

Learn how to make sure your real estate investment is funded on the first try including what documents you need, how your numbers should look, and how to get started with a hard money lender!

How To Present Your Deal For Underwriting

Learn what information and documents our team needs to present your deal to underwriting and start your two week close!

Pricing Your Hard Money Loan

Learn how hard money lenders like ABL price your bridge loan and how experience, credit, and down payment can change your pricing!

Understanding Your Loan Structure

Learn about hard money loan structure, the expected costs and capital needed, and how a lender determines the terms that real estate investors will receive!

Term Sheet Issued & Next Steps

Learn what your next steps are after being issued a term sheet and how to hustle to get your deal closed in 10 days or less!

What Documents Do I Need To Close My Loan?

Learn about all of the documents that real estate investors need to have ready in order to close on their hard money loan in a fast and reliable timeframe!

Working With Your Loan Payoff Team

Learn how to work with our payoffs team for all of your payment questions & needs, as well as what time lines to expect!

How To Scale Your Real Estate Business

Learn how Asset Based Lending can help you scale your real estate business by providing more competitive terms and price break points as you do more deals with us!

ABL’s Preferred Developer Program

Learn how Asset Based Lending can partner you with an experienced builder and developer to help fast track you to more advanced projects!

Thank you for watching our video guide to hard money lending!

We hope Asset Based Lending was able to help you understand hard money loans and feel confident in knowing what is required from a borrower, the expected timeline of your loan, and how to work strategically with each department to ensure a smooth loan process from start to finish.

Asset Based Lending, LLC specializes in closing loans fast and offers the industry’s only true zero-point program, making it the premier hard money lender for real estate investors seeking financing on their projects. With over 12 years of experience and $1 Billion in originations, ABL provides reliable funding for fix and flips, new construction, cash out refinancing, and loans for rental property. Let us know if there are other video explanations that you’d like to see, or if you’re ready to finance your investment click the button below to get started today!