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Written by the expert team at ABL, with the help of top real estate professionals, these free educational materials provide a solid foundation for investors seeking to improve their business.


Flips Flops And Fortunes: Real Estate Experts Share Their Stories

Discover the trials and tribulations of fix and flip real estate investors as they recount the highs and lows of their past investments.

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2019 New Jersey Rental Investment Report

A statistical overview of New Jersey’s market for investing in rental real estate; This whitepaper will provide real estate investors with an in-depth exploration of New Jersey and its evolving rental market.

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Flipping In The Flood Zone

This white paper will provide real estate investors with an in-depth exploration of the best practices for investing in flood zones.

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The Introductory Guide To Rental Loan Financing

An introduction to rental property financing, from conventional mortgages to hard money and the most popular methods of funding the Buy Rehab and Rent strategy.

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Florida Fix & Flips: An Introductory Guide

Analysis by Cushman & Wakefield predicts a flourishing economy in Florida. In addition to population growth, high consumer confidence is exuding trust and positivity into Florida’s economy. Use this guide as a primer on the Florida real estate market.

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Flipping Green: How To Make Your Fix And Flip Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly updates to fix and flip or new construction projects are not only an ethical decision but also a financially sound one. This paper will explore alternative construction choices that will move you into the future, increase your sale price, and make you feel good at the same time.

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