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2019 NJ Rental Investment Report

A statistical overview of New Jersey’s market for investing in rental real estate.

This whitepaper will provide real estate investors with an in-depth exploration of New Jersey and its  increasing rental market. It will analyze the pros—from passive income to leverage—and cons, like risk and decreased liquidity, of investing in NJ rentals.

Readers will learn of the risks and regulations involved in short-term rentals compared to long-term rentals. Other factors that need to be considered by readers and potential investors, and are explored in this paper, are NJ metrics, like job growth, rent/price ratio, and vacancy rates—numbers that will help investors locate profitable rental investments. Readers can also discover where to purchase rental property, what types of rental properties to purchase, and how to finance a rental property investment.

Additionally, this paper breaks down how to determine investment profitability by calculating ROI, cap rate, and cash flow. The reader is also provided with factors to consider when determining rental income and cost—like location, rental size, the initial investment amount, and monthly expenses. Finally, the paper illustrates the legal responsibilities of landlords, explaining habitable housing requirements and identifying the steps in the eviction process.

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