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Connecticut Rental Loans

Connecticut Rental Loans Made Simple

Asset Based Lending offers private rental loans for Connecticut buy and hold investors that want to begin or expand their rental portfolio. These term rental loans are designed for 1-4 family properties that will be held as an income-producing asset. Our direct rental property financing in Connecticut and unique capital structure allow us to offer competitive terms with rates starting at 4% and leverage up to 80% LTV. We offer a wide variety of loan options to match borrower needs including 30-year amortization, ARM, or interest-only options.

ABL’s hard money lenders work with investors of all experience levels, whether you’re investing in your first rental property or looking to bolster your current portfolio. With the Connecticut markets growing fast, we are offering single rental loans up to $3M and rental portfolio loans up to $6.25M. Our team is dedicated to providing a five-star experience for our borrowers, so we partner with only the best appraisers, title agents, and attorneys to ensure a seamless loan process. If you’re an investor looking for CT rental loans, then contact us today.

CT Rental Loan Highlights

  • No personal income verification
  • Light doc program
  • Portfolio loans available
  • 30 year, ARM, I/O options
  • Rates as low as 4%
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • 650 minimum credit score
  • Close term rental loan in 30 days

ABL Is Here To Find You The Perfect Rental Property Financing In Connecticut.

The Premier Lender For Rental Loans In Connecticut

Lending Options

With our arsenal of rental property loans, investors know we can get them into the program that fits their needs. Max Cash Out? Lowest Rate? Highest LTV? We have you covered.

No Broker Fee

ABL isn’t brokering your loans, so you’ll never pay us broker fees. We’re a direct lender that underwrites, processes, and funds in house.

Peace of Mind

Our team of specialists will structure and pre-approve your rental property refinance while we’re closing your fix and flip loan, so you can rest easy knowing your exit strategy is ready.

Competitive Rates & LTVs

With rates between 4%–8% and LTVs as high as 80%, our cash out refinance programs for rental properties are as aggressive as you’ll find in market.

Flexible Underwriting

These programs were built by investors, for investors. We underwrite to the profitability of the project, and reduce documentation needs as much as possible.

The ABL Difference

Expert advice, access to decision-makers, speed, and reliability; the service you’ve come to expect from the ABL team.

Connecticut Rental Market On The Rise

With so many living possibilities in the state thanks to the variety of urban, suburban, and rural housing, people prefer the flexibility of renting rather than owning. According to The CT Mirror in 2016, Connecticut’s renting population is much higher than the national average and continues to outpace homeowners in the state. For example, Westport of Fairfield County has seen a 35% increase in renters in 2020 compared to its 2019 numbers. Most towns have been seeing a steady 1% YoY rent increase, making it a stable investment area for rental property, but some places are looking even stronger. Hartford County has seen a 3% YoY increase in rent prices, making it a top contender for investors looking to include Connecticut rental property in their portfolio

Asset Based Lending specializes in the areas above and currently offer rental loans and refinancing in the following counties: Hartford, Fairfield, New Haven, Storrs, and Essex. We offer the fastest and most flexible rental loans CT has to offer, with several rental loan options to match your financial goals. If you’re ready to grow your rental portfolio in the CT market or cash out refinance your current property, then contact us today.

Investors Using The BRRRR Method In Connecticut

Securing a rental property loan or choosing to refinance rental property is part of a growing investment strategy known as the BRRRR strategy. The acronym is simple: buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat. By purchasing the property at a good deal and renovating it to increase the value, you can charge a higher monthly rent and start bringing in stable income. Then, by refinancing the property at a lower rate and taking these newly available funds to repeat the process, you start to expand your rental portfolio and seeing long-term wealth through monthly increments.

For this method to work best you need to be investing in areas with high average income and low unemployment rates, so you can reliably begin generating your monthly income and become cash flow positive. You also want a high renting population, which plenty of Connecticut cities have. According to TurboTenant in late 2019, it took an average of only 16 days to find people to rent property in Stamford of Fairfield County. Between the fast occupancy rate and low median house prices, Fairfield County is a prime candidate for building wealth using the BRRRR method.

Choosing Asset Based Lending For Your Connecticut Rental Loan

Asset Based Lending is committed to helping serious real estate investors grow their rental portfolio or fund their next project through cash out refinance. We understand that rental loan rates aren’t the only thing borrowers care about, which is why we focus on flexible criteria to tailor a rental loan that matches your specific project. While each loan is customized, ABL does guarantee the following:

  • Fast purchase and rehab loan approval- as fast as 24 hours with deal closings in 10 days or less
  • Competitive rental loan rates- starting as low as 6.875%
  • Rental loan options such as no doc, lowest rate, highest LTV, etc.
  • Flexible underwriting

Asset Based Lending is dedicated to being the most investor-friendly hard money lender in Connecticut. We want our borrowers to succeed, and our team of experts provide the highest quality service throughout the entire loan process. Contact us today to experience why ABL has the most reliable CT rental loans available.