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ABL Spotlight: Meet Anthony Altieri

by | Mar 16, 2017 | 0 comments

This month, ABL proudly announced the newest addition to our hard money lending sales leadership team – Anthony Altieri.

Anthony is a veteran of the hard money lending industry with a longstanding reputation for superior service. Who better to be the first Team Member Spotlight!? Check out the interview below, and check back for more interviews with the people that help make your deals happen!
How long have you been in the lending industry?
I have been in the lending industry for over 20 years, with the majority of that time being spent at a small boutique lending company in Manhattan where I learned the business starting back in 1996 and spent 15 years there.  I then spent a few years, still in lending, but in the alternative lending space AKA Merchant Cash Advance. But I always knew that I would be back in real estate lending because it’s something I grew to really enjoy doing in the early part of my professional career.  I started working with ABL in only a broker capacity and after seeing how they operated and the level of professionalism they had I approached Paul, one of the partners, to discuss joining the team full time.
What sets you apart from other Loan Officers?
My experience definitely sets me apart from a lot of the newer Loan Officers in the industry. Having worked through various different market cycles starting in the mid 90’s going through the Real Estate Boom of the 2000’s and ultimately the market crash in 2008 has taught me a lot both about real estate and hard money lending.  Another thing that sets me apart from a lot of LOs is the fact that I have worked not only as a lender, but a real estate investor as well.  Seeing things from the other side of the table definitely gives you a better understanding of the life cycle of deals, as well as the borrower’s mentality and what expectations both sides will have.  Furthermore I also spent time as a hard money broker which gave me an outside perspective on how both the lender and the borrower operate.  All in all, having seen various real estate/economic cycles, and playing  the role of the broker, the investor and the lender has given me insight about the lending industry that not a lot of LOs have.
What do you think you will bring to Asset Based Lending?
I will bring energy, experience, and a level of commitment that will translate through to not only our borrowing base but to my co-workers as well. Learning the importance of relationship building is critical in this industry and having that quality that will allow me to not only build a client base but keep that base of clients as repeat borrowers here at ABL.  This will ultimately grow the borrowing base of the company and in turn the company itself.
What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far?
The greatest challenge in my life has easily been my wife’s recent battle with Breast Cancer.  In September 2015, we heard the words no one wants to hear.  What ensued afterwards would be the most difficult thing my wife would ever endure, and I was along for the ride. Cancer diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiation, mastectomy, reconstructive surgery – these are the words that took over our world. The next year would be a challenge for our whole family and it certainly was.  As a husband and father it was my time to step up, become the rock that was once my wife’s role, and make sure our family remained intact.  I am happy to say that the outcome of all of this is a positive one, but the test that life threw at us was anything but easy. “You never know how strong you have to be until strong is the only choice you have”.
What does true leadership mean to you?
True leadership to me, means the ability of an individual to not only command the attention of others and impact or influence them without them feeling like they’ve been led or taught, but rather having been empowered and enlightened, and then using that empowerment to not only better themselves but those around them as well.
Favorite Movie?
I m a huge movie buff so it’s hard to name just one so I’ll give you some of my top 10.   I love old comedies like Fletch and Seems Like Old Times with Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase.  I also love inspirational movies like Rocky, The Shawshank Redemption, and Remember the Titans with Denzel Washington.  And as an Italian American some of my all-time favorites, that I can relate to in a strange inexplicable way are A Bronx Tale, Goodfellas, and The Godfather.  If I had to pick one, I’d say….THE SHINING, bottom line I think Stanley Kubrick is a genius, and truly scary movies are my favorite.
If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?
I would definitely want to be able to fly, but not just fly I would want to fly at the same speed that Superman was able to fly.  I really like seeing other places and I have done a decent amount of travelling, but if I could fly I would visit all the places I haven’t gotten around to visiting yet.  I also think it would really come in handy when you “need to be in two places at one time”.  Living in a house with 2 active young children and a working wife, and always running around juggling everything, I can say firsthand that this would be an unbelievably useful tool – or superpower – to have!
What would you tell your 18-year-old self?
Don’t take things for granted, because things that you think are going to last forever – or at least for a very long time – whether it be a friendship, a love, a person’s life or even a job, don’t last forever and you usually don’t see the end coming.  I’d also tell him that when you study, study hard, when you play sports, play hard, when you love, love hard and when you work, work hard, essentially always give everything you do big or small everything you got, it shows a lot about you and your character and this is how people will judge you in life. Lastly I would say take care of your health and your body and always exercise.   Your body should be treated like a temple. Being 46 years old and having had 2 back surgeries and a few others along the way, I can give this advice firsthand!
How do you measure success?
I think when you talk about how to measure success naturally money and wealth come to mind.  I’d lie if I said that it didn’t come to my mind as well, however I believe that true success is not determined by how much wealth one acquires but rather his/her ability to affect those around him positively.  And that is true in both one’s personal life and professional life.  As a father, I can say that having a positive impact on my children and my family and knowing that my kids have felt that impact and have learned from me, makes me truly successful in my personal life.  Likewise, being able to impact co-workers, clients and piers is equally fulfilling.


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