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Fix And Flip Loan In Newark NJ

Address: Newark, NJ
Borrower Profile: Experienced Investors
Work Description: Interior Upgrades & Renovation
Purchase Price: $136,000
Renovation Budget: $85,000
Loan Amount: $186,000
Cash Available for Purchase: $101,000
Cash Available for Renovation: $85,000
Loan Structure: 12 months interest only
Loan Purpose: Property Purchase And Rehabilitation
ARV: $289,000
Sale Price: $379,000
Time To Pay Off: 5.5 Months
Newark NJ hard money loan for fix and flip
Exterior – Before
Fix and flip loan in Newark New Jersey
Exterior – After


Our investors did an amazing job revamping this fix and flip property in Newark, NJ. Along with freshening up the exterior of the property with new doors and railings, fencing around the property line and updating the landscaping, they put in a lot of work to bring the interior to life! Our investors used their hard money fix and flip loan to update the heating and cooling system as well as the electrical and plumbing system. Once the wiring was complete, they did a complete renovation of two bathrooms and the kitchen area, adding new fixtures, stainless steel appliances, and even cabinets with crown molding to really give their property the “Wow” factor! A fresh coat of paint was added to each room, as well as new tile and hardwood flooring added throughout the entire home! Our investors buckled down to get this property live-in ready quickly! They did such a great job on this house renovation in Newark, NJ that they were able to find a buyer and pay off their hard money loan in just under six months, earning $178,000 in profit on just one flip!


Private loans in NJ for fix and flips
Entry – Before
Hard money loans in Newark NJ
Kitchen – Before
Bathroom – Before
Private money lender in New Jersey
Entry – After
Fix and flip lenders in New Jersey
Kitchen – After
New Jersey hard money loans for fix and flips
Bathroom – After