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Top 6 Bathroom Design Trends of 2024

by | Feb 29, 2024 | 0 comments

Top 6 Bathroom Design Trends of 2024

Bathrooms are one of the rooms that receives the most attention from homeowners, fix and flippers, and new construction investors. Even when an investor or homeowner is looking to “spruce up” the place, the bathroom is always part of the plans.

This is partly due to design trends that move swiftly in and out of fashion. Nobody wants to feel like they are stepping back in time in their bathroom (we’re looking at you, retro pink tiles). And for end buyers, an outdated bathroom is often a deal breaker.

Luckily for us, The National Kitchen + Bath Association takes time each year to survey industry professionals like designers, retailers, re-modelers, and others, on the trends they see moving in and out for the year.

Below are 6 of the design trends NKBA and others are predicting for 2024 and how you can incorporate them into your bathroom.

Modern Takes on the Classics

The timeless white subway tile remains a mainstay in the bathroom design industry. As a versatile and affordable option, designers and re-modelers consistently use this material to invoke a classic style that is easily modernized. Pairing white subway tile with sleek black fixtures or a frameless glass shower creates an updated version of a classic design. Or, if you’re feeling trendy, try a unique pattern like Chevron to create more visual interest without overwhelming the space with graphic patterned tiles.

modern classic trend

Spa-like Shower

Showering is being elevated to new heights as homeowners are now looking for an in-home spa-like experience. The idea of self-care has gone from being a day of luxury and has now taken over the whole week as people build out their dream bathrooms with luxurious features. From shower systems that massage and steam, built-in shower benches, and entire rooms being dedicated to free-standing bathtubs, homeowners are now making a home in the lap of luxury. According to the NKBA, 67% of people surveyed said they prefer an entire room dedicated to just showering and bathing, with just as many wanting to include an entire steam room.

spa shower

Natural Palettes

The desire to incorporate natural elements and colors in interior design has not slowed down since the pandemic years. Moving into 2024, bathroom designs are heavily focusing on natural textures and color palettes. Think of greens, browns, deep purples. 35% of people surveyed by the NKBA responded that green is their top choice in bathroom colors, surpassing blue and white. Using natural colors and elements like wood accents and natural stone vanities keeps you grounded and relaxed. This design trend stems from the desire to bring the best parts of nature into our homes and elicit feelings of calm.

spa shower

Statement Tile

The classic white subway tile is a mainstay in bathroom design, but the future of tile design is texture and pattern. Herringbone, chevron, and textured tiles create movement in the overall bathroom aesthetic. This is a great way to bring visual interest without paying exorbitant amounts for custom tilework. For flippers and developers looking for ways to make their home stand out in the crowd, a simple pattern can make all the difference.

spa shower


Layered lighting is emerging as an overall design trend, and the bathroom is no exception. Only having recessed ceiling lights is becoming the minimum, and bringing in sculptural fixtures or hanging pendants allows for more customization in the lighting experience. White and gold motifs, statement pendants, and even lampshades are making their way into more bathroom designs. Creating layered and purposeful lighting also builds further on the spa themes.

spa shower


With the rise of smart home technology, it’s no surprise that designers and developers are exploring ways to integrate tech into every aspect of a home. Mirrors with Bluetooth and defogging capabilities are just scratching the surface. As more millennials are becoming homeowners, the necessity to have automation and customization options in standard fixtures is taking top priority for many developers. Heated floors, smart toilets, and motion activated kick lighting are small luxuries that today’s buyer will happily indulge in.

spa shower


As we say goodbye to the chunky vessel sink and exposed bulbs of 2023, and welcome the statement tile and toilet tech of 2024, it’s time to reflect on the styles that have served us, and daydream about bathroom style trends of the future. However, thanks to organizations like The National Kitchen + Bath Association, real estate investors and homeowners alike can rest assured that someone is doing research to predict the future of bathroom design, making our lives just a little bit easier.


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