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Meet Paul Lewis: ABL Team Spotlight

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Paul Lewis Is ABL’s New Florida Area Manager

Paul is an experienced loan originator and customer service professional with a proven track record of using his expertise to help clients across several industries. Florida real estate investors now have a new trusted source to help facilitate their deals in the sunshine state!
Check out the interview below to learn more about Paul’s past, present, and future with ABL.

What attracted you to Asset Based Lending?

Well, something that really stood out to me was the fact that ABL is a direct lender. This distinction really grants us the power to give people firm and definite answers to their lending needs. With a direct lender, there’s no flip flopping at the closing table and no empty promises that can’t be fulfilled. This is a major key to building long lasting relationships. I wanted to work for a lender with the power to back their word so that I could create strong and permanent relationships with my borrowers.
ABL has a great product and a great reputation in the marketplace. I hold myself to a high moral standard and wanted to find a company that does the same.

What were you doing before ABL?

In my previous role I worked for a specialty factoring firm. I worked with structured settlement recipients to help them transform their monthly and annual payments into lump sums. Before that I worked at a commercial lender based out of New York as a loan originator.

What skills did you rely on in your previous positions?

I’ve always been a sales guy. I love getting the opportunity to interact with new people on a daily basis and I love keeping in touch with and nurturing relationships with people I already know.
Building relationships is my forte in business. My business development skills really stem from the rapport that I build with clients. To me, relationship building doesn’t seem like work, but rather something that I love to do. I enjoy going to events, I enjoy networking with people- it’s something I look forward to which is why I’m in this business!
Other than that, I relied heavily on sales forecasting skills. I learned the importance of analyzing markets and adjusting my sales strategies to complement the present conditions.

What do you hope to bring to Asset Based Lending?

I’m making it my mission to bring a sense of reliability to my clients. I want to be known as the guy who answers his phone all the time and is dependable to give firm answers. I want my borrowers to rely on me to close their transactions quickly and effortlessly so they can get on with their business and really not worry about everything on our end as the lender.

What do you think of the Florida Fix And Flip market?

I think the market for Fix-and-Flip in Florida is stronger than ever! There are more experienced real estate professionals than ever before, and there is a new wave of hungry, young, smart “go-getters” that are looking to make a name for themselves!

What tips do you have for potential real estate investors in Florida?

Do your homework! There are plenty of opportunities to add value in every county, from Leon to Monroe!

What would you say is your best sales tip?

Listen to your clients! There’s a good reason God gave us two ears and one mouth. He wants us to use our ears twice as much as our mouths.
Most people don’t want to be sold to. I think the role of a salesman needs to be reevaluated and rethought. I’d advise everyone out there involved in sales to focus on communicating value to their clients. First, listen to their problems, and then meet them where they are with a solution. That’s the key to an effective sales strategy.

How do you measure success?

I measure personal success based on the number of people I help accomplish their own business goals. I’m in the service business. ABL is a service based company. The success of all of our clients is of paramount importance. When they succeed, so do we.
I can visually track my own success by the amount of repeat business I generate. When they come back, I know I’m doing something right, and something that is giving great value to them.

What are some personal goals for your first year here at ABL?

I really want to make a name for myself in the Florida real estate investing community. When I’m speaking to new clients, I want them to be referrals. This will be a sign that I’m providing great service and that my name is spreading.
When I am the go to guy for fix and flip funding in the great state of Florida, then I’ll be satisfied.

Best piece of advice to your younger self?

Don’t rush into anything you haven’t thoroughly evaluated. Make sure you know the ins and outs of any opportunity before you commit to it. Make sure that you align yourself with work that you truly enjoy and an employer who has the same goals and values as yourself.

Tell us about your transition from New Yorker to Floridian

As a born a bread New Yorker, moving to Florida after almost 30 years was a big change! However, from the older implants, to the “FloGrown” lifers, I feel like I’ve been welcomed! Florida is a great state, and I’m happy to call it my home!

What do you like most about living in Florida?

I love the beach, obviously! Also, I love the diversity, and the mix of cultures that is found all throughout the state!

Top 3 Favorite Foods?

Pizza is top of the list, for sure. Without trying to push the stereotype, I love fried chicken- I feel sorry for you if you don’t love it.
Third favorite… a perfectly grilled steak is always amazing. And I always avoid eating vegetables as much as humanly possible, I don’t care if you or anyone else says they’re healthy, I’m not interested.

Coffee or Red Bull?

Red Bull! 10 times out of 10! Can’t stand coffee, but you’ll see me at my desk drinking red bull all day long.
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