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ABL Launches Wholesale Marketplace For Investment Properties

by | Sep 1, 2016 | 0 comments

Meet the new online marketplace for real estate investors.

Real estate investors can now spend more time managing their projects and less time searching for their next property, thanks to Asset Based Lending’s new digital marketplace.

That’s All I Needed To Hear. Take Me There!

In an effort to constantly evolve as a lender and resource to real estate investors, today we’re proud to announce the launch of our wholesale property marketplace. The marketplace, which is available at no cost to buyers or wholesalers, will allow fix and flip investors to browse and research a variety of available wholesale properties directly from the ABL website.
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[su_quote cite=”Eric Krattenstein, ABL CMO“]“We’ve always prided ourselves on being a trusted resource to our borrowers; with the wholesale marketplace, we’ve taken the next step forward in this progression by helping to reduce the pain associated with identifying potential investments.” [/su_quote][/su_note]

So what does it do?

We’ve partnered with real estate technology startup Hoozip to build a marketplace with a suite of features designed to make the new property research and identification process quicker and easier for fix and flip investors.
Filter Your Search: Narrow down our selection of available properties by filtering attributes such as property type, price range, estimated cost of repairs, and more.
Search for investment properties
Crunch The Numbers: Run each scenario through the proprietary deal calculator to quickly assess the deal’s financial viability. Break down the loan costs, rehab expenses, and ultimately estimate the potential return on investment.
Calculate expenses and ROI with investment property deal calculator
Research Reports: Available with free and premium options, these reports allow the investor to quickly view comparable properties as well as their publicly available data and other unique property insights.
Full Transparency: Asset Based Lending does not profit from connecting investors and wholesalers. Because of this, we’re happy to provide contact information for the property owners on each page along with a contact form that allows investors to reach out directly.

Research reports for investment propertyWhat geographies are available?

The properties available in the marketplace are currently limited to New York, New Jersey, and the D.C., Maryland, Virginia region. In those markets, wholesalers are also invited to contact ABL in order to have their properties listed. ABL welcomes real estate wholesalers to include their properties on the marketplace free of charge, in hopes that the site continues to grow as a valuable asset for investors with a wider variety of available properties.

Found your next deal?

If you’ve already checked out the marketplace and found your next investment property, we’d love to help you fund it. Time is money when it comes to purchasing distressed properties, so our loan process is built for speed (we’ve closed in 2 days). Fill out our quick pre-qualification form and one of our loan officers will be in touch to discuss how we can help.
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