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Austin Hard Money Loans

The Premier Hard Money Lender in Austin Texas

Asset Based Lending provides fast and reliable hard money loans for real estate investors in Austin and the rest of Texas. We offer a variety of loans for fix and flips and new construction, as well as provide cash out refinances and loans for rental property. As direct private lenders with full control of our capital we’re able to use flexible underwriting to write loans that match your specific project, ensuring you receive the best terms for every project. Whether you’re looking for lower interest rates, maximum leverage, zero points, or something else, ABL can provide you the best hard money loan for your business strategy. We specialize in fast closings, with loan approval as fast as 24 hours and deals closing in an average of just 10 days.

We’ve been lending for over 12 years and have originated more than $1 Billion in loans during that time frame, working with real estate investors of all experience levels. As real estate investors ourselves, we understand that borrowers need a simple and reliable loan process that you can trust from start to finish. Our team focuses on delivering a five-star service with the goal of helping investors scale their real estate business while keeping more of their money. If you’re an investor looking to finance your next project, then contact ABL and find out why we’re the best Austin hard money lender.

Offering The Most Reliable Austin Hard Money Loans

Austin Fix And Flips Producing High ROI

Texas has seen a real estate boom over the last few years, with Austin being the center of attention. With so many large tech companies bringing new, high-paying jobs to the city, as well as a thriving arts community, Austin has become home for many new residents which has led to the local real estate markets seeing huge gains. As of February 2022 the average home sale price reached $575,500 which is a 14% increase from the previous year. More than 60% of homes are selling above the listing price, which highlights the seller’s market that the city finds itself in. Right now the biggest issue for Austin fix and flips is the lack of inventory, with less homes available for sale from the previous year and continuing to trend downward. Between high demand and low inventory, the market is highly competitive and requires fast, flexible financing to secure profitable deals.

The fix and flip loans at Asset Based Lending are designed to help investors secure property and complete renovation, with up to 85% of purchase price and 100% of renovation fully financed. We provide a proof of funds letter that lets you bid on fix and flip properties, allowing you to lock down a contract and begin moving forward on your project. Whether you’re a new real estate investor or completed dozens of fix and flips already, ABL is ready to work with you. We judge deals based on the property and scope of work, allowing us to work with a wider variety of investors and focus on the details that make a fix and flip successful. If you’re ready to be approved for your Austin fix and flip loan, contact us today.

Austin Needs Residential New Construction

The biggest advantage that builders and developers have in the current market is being able to fill these inventory gaps. Not only can new construction help with the inventory issue, but these projects have the potential to produce high returns by including amenities that are highly desired by home buyers. For example, Austin homes that feature large master bedrooms, breakfast areas, and are two stories tall are receiving more attention on their listings and higher priced bids. Especially hot homes are selling for 10% above asking price and selling as quickly as 12 days from listing, which means savvy investors could chain together several profitable years throughout the year. Unfortunately, due to supply chain issues, prices for material such as lumber have shot up and begun to eat into profits, which is why many builders are using hard money loans for new construction.

Asset Based Lending offers new construction loans to experienced builders and developers that have proven experience in their field. Our hard money construction loans offer up to 70% of land value and 100% of construction costs. These 12-month interest only bridge loans are designed to help investors scale their real estate business quickly and efficiently, providing fast and reliable capital with a professional draw management system that allows you to request your funding when you need it. ABL approves new construction loans as fast as 24 hours and closes the deals in 10 days on average, so developers can focus on their project instead of worrying about finding capital. If you’re looking to be approved for Austin new construction loans, then contact us today.

Investing In Austin Rental Property

Austin rental property is producing incredible returns for real estate investors, with the Austin metro area seeing a 35% increase in average rent prices between January 2021 and January 2022. This increase marks the second highest in the country and highlights the profitable market for real estate investments. Once again, the lack of available real estate for sale has driven up the rental market as new residents enter the area and need a place to stay. However, this has also created a highly competitive market that means investors need to move quickly to lock down deals. Having a lender that can provide reliable financing for rental property will help you move forward in a market that’s seeing intense competition.

Austin is currently one of the best cities to practice the BRRRR strategy. For those that don’t know, BRRRR stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat. Its an investment strategy that sees the investors purchase a property and renovate it with a traditional fix and flip loan, increasing the property’s market value to charge a higher monthly rent. After a tenant is found and leased, the investor refinances the loan and uses the newly acquired capital to purchase their next rental property and repeat the process. Over time, the investor grows their rental portfolio and collects passive monthly income from their variety of rental properties that built up over time. ABL provides rental loans for real estate investors that helps finance the BRRRR method of investing. If you’re a real estate investor looking for the best Austin rental loans, then contact us today.