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Tennessee Fix and Flip Loans

TN Fix & Flip Loans Done Right

Asset Based Lending offers the fastest and most reliable fix and flip loans Tennessee has to offer. These 12-month bridge loans for flipping houses in Tennessee are designed for real estate investors to purchase and rehab property before flipping it for a profit. We specialize in closing deals quickly, with loan approval in 24 hours and deals closing as quickly as two days with the appropriate paperwork. ABL uses flexible underwriting to provide a variety of loan options that match your project, whether you want a lower interest rate, maximum leverage, zero points, or something else. Our team works directly with you to ensure you receive the best fix and flip loan in Tennessee for your investment.

Unlike other hard money lenders, our Tennessee fix and flip loans have no prepayment penalties so you’re never punished for a successful flip. We also work with investors of all experience levels, whether you’re working on your first flip in Nashville or are a seasoned professional flipping homes in Memphis. Our loans are designed to help real estate investors scale their fix and flip business while keeping more of their money. If you’re ready to be approved for the fix and flip loans Tennessee investors trust the most, then contact us today.

Fix and Flip Loans in Tennessee

ExperienceCredit Score MinimumInterest RatePointsAdvance Rate On PurchaseAdvance Rate On RehabARVProperty TypesPre-Pay PenaltyExtensionsBlanket LoansLoan SizeLoan Terms
Any6609.99%-15%0-2%Up to 85%100%Up to 70%Single Family, Multi Family, Mixed UseNoAvailableYes$75K - $3.5M12 Months

Closing Speed

A delay in securing funding could mean missing out on an incredible investment opportunity. We’ve closed loans in 48 hours, and average just 10 days.

Underwriting Flexibility

Flexible underwriting criteria allows fix and flip investors to secure funding not available to them through other institutions.

Competitive Rates

ABL funds fix and flip investments at interest rates starting at 8% with a little as 0–2% points, and repeat borrowers receive preferred pricing. Loan amounts range from $75K to $2.5M.

Same Day Pre-Approval. Up To 95% LTC.

Tennessee Fix and Flips On The Rise

Tennessee is seeing large growth in its real estate markets due to the influx of new residents and low housing inventory driving demand through the roof. As of April 2022, Redfin reports that the average sale price for homes in the state is $368,000, marking an 18% increase from the previous year and setting a 5-year-high record. The number of homes sold in that time for the entire state reached over 8,000 which is a 5% increase from the previous year and another 5-year-high for the area. One of the most impressive stats is that 52% of these home sales received multiple offers above their asking price, placing the seller in an excellent position for negotiations.

Currently, the most competitive Tennessee cities for fix and flips are Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, and Clarksville. Due to the inventory shortage, finding a profitable deal is much more difficult, so you need fix and flip lenders in Tennessee that can close quickly and reliably to make sure you never miss an opportunity. Asset Based Lending offers hard money fix and flip loans in each of those cities and beyond, allowing TN real estate investors to take advantage of this state’s hot markets to expand their fix and flip business.

How To Finance a Fix and Flip Investment in Tennessee

One of the most common questions from real estate investors is how to finance a fix and flip. Since these types of real estate investments require upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, most investors need extra capital to fund the initial property purchase and cover the costs of renovation. While traditional mortgages may help with purchasing a primary residence, financial institutions don’t like to lend on fix and flips due to the inherent risk involved. Plus, traditional mortgages come with strict qualifications that disqualifies many potential investors. One bad hit to your credit or lacking flip experience are enough to be turned down by standard financers.

Hard money loans are much more accessible and useful for real estate investors, especially for fix and flips. Hard money lenders like ABL work with first-time investors and only use credit as part of the approval process, with the borrower’s cash reserves and experience level playing into the qualifications as well. These hard money flip loans also close quickly compared to other financial institutions, cutting the deal closing time down from a few weeks to a few days. The best Tennessee hard money lenders combine flexible loan terms with quick closings to provide reliable financing to real estate investors. If you’re looking to invest in fix and flips in Tennessee, choosing a hard money fix and flip loan is the right move, and no one does it better than Asset Based Lending. With quick closings, flexible underwriting, and reliable draw schedules, ABL provides the best hard money loans TN has to offer.

Investors Trust ABL Fix and Flip Loans in Tennessee

Successful real estate investors understand that time is of the essence, and Asset Based Lending works tirelessly to provide the fastest funding possible. With the ability to approve loans within 24 hours and provide initial funding in 10 days or less, we make sure you never miss out on your next fix and flip opportunity. Our flip loans range from $75K – $3.5M and come with a quick draw turnaround so you never experience a financial delay. We offer flexible underwriting to deliver a variety of flip loans that can match your specific project, whether you’re looking for zero points, lower interest rates, maximum leverage, or something else.

With the growing rate of TN fix and flips, the state now has access to the most secure and reliable hard money fix and flip loans on the market. Asset Based Lending insists on a transparent lending process with no prepayment penalties or hidden fees, so you keep more of your money. Our hundreds of five-star reviews and over $1 Billion of funded projects shows why Tennessee investors trust Asset Based Lending with their fix and flip loans. Contact us today to be approved for your TN fix and flip loan.