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Raleigh Hard Money Loans

The Premier Hard Money Lender in Raleigh North Carolina

Asset Based Lending offers hard money loans for real estate investors in Raleigh and the rest of North Carolina. We have a variety of loans for fix and flips and new construction, as well as cash out refinancing and loans for rental property. As direct private lenders we have full control of our capital which gives us flexible underwriting, tailoring loans to match your specific project. Whether you’re looking for lower interest rates, maximum leverage, zero points, or something else, ABL can provide you the best hard money loan for your situation. We specialize in fast closings, approving loans as quickly as 24 hours and initial funding in 10 days or less.

ABL is the best hard money lender in Raleigh, originating more than $1 billion in loans over the last ten years and working with real estate investors of all experience levels. As investors ourselves, we know that borrowers need a simple and reliable loan process that you can trust from start to finish. Our goal is to deliver a five-star service that helps investors scale their real estate business while keeping more of their money. If you’re looking for hard money loans in Wake County, then contact us today.

Recently Funded: Wilmington, NC Fix And Flip

Wilmington NC fix and flip
Purchase: $136,712 Loan Amount: $198,326
Renovation: $83,650 ARV: $282,000

Offering The Most Reliable Raleigh Hard Money Loans

Raleigh Fix And Flips Are Growing

With so many people leaving states like New York and California for more affordable and flexible living areas, states like North Carolina and cities like Raleigh have seen huge gains to their real estate markets. As of August 2021, the average home sale price in Raleigh reached $370,000 which marks a 21% increase from the previous year. Homes are spending an average of 31 days on market which is 26% less time than the previous year and highlights the current activity. These fast moving deals with increased prices are perfect examples of why Raleigh fix and flips are seeing such an upward trend. However, investors need reliable capital to remain competitive in such an active market- with proof of funds letter in hand and quick loan approval to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

The fix and flip loans at Asset Based Lending are designed to help investors secure property and complete renovation, with up to 80% of purchase price and 100% of renovation fully financed. Whether you’re a new real estate investor or completed dozens of fix and flips already, ABL is ready to work with you. We judge deals based on the property and scope of work, allowing us to work with a wider variety of investors and focus on the details that make a fix and flip successful. If you’re ready to be approved for your Raleigh fix and flip loan, contact us today.

Raleigh New Construction Seizing Opportunity

The increased demand and low housing inventory has made new construction projects more lucrative than ever in Raleigh and the rest of North Carolina. As of August 2021 homes in Raleigh are selling for $193 per square foot, marking a nearly 25% increase year over year. Builders and developers have a competitive advantage by following local trends and designing their inventory based around buyer demand, effectively increasing their interest level and final sale price. For example, Raleigh homes that feature outdoor decks and functioning fireplaces are receiving more attention online, as well as receiving offers above asking price more often than homes lacking those amenities.

Asset Based Lending works with experienced builders and developers to finance their project and let them focus on the work at hand. Our hard money new construction loans offer up to 80% of land value and 100% of construction cost, letting real estate investors keep more of their money while using our capital to scale their real estate business. These 12-month interest only bridge loans are designed to start and complete your project on time, with professional draw management allowing you to request funding when you need it. If you’re looking to be approved for Raleigh new construction loans, then contact us today.

Investing In Raleigh Rental Property

Cities like Raleigh have been able to pick up new residents and improve their own rental market thanks to the mass migration from more expensive and stressful locations. The more affordable pricing and close proximity to major metro areas has made this city a prime location for those looking to save on their monthly rent while remaining in an urban environment. Investors looking to start or expand their rental portfolio can find steady tenants with low property taxes in this city, making it an excellent place to invest with hard money rental loans.

One of the biggest trends in real estate investing right now is to focus on the long-term profit gains by using the BRRRR strategy. The acronym stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and repeat. It’s a process that’s as simple as it sounds: the investor purchases a property and renovates it to increase its market value and charge a higher monthly rent. After a tenant is found and the asset begins producing passive income, the investor refinances the loan and uses the newly acquired capital to purchase their next rental property to repeat the process. Over time, the investor grows their rental portfolio and eventually has multiple sources of passive monthly income, setting themselves up for long-term wealth. If you’re an investor that wants to utilize the BRRRR method using our Raleigh rental loans, then contact us today.