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New Construction Loans In Rhode Island

Asset Based Lending Funds Rhode Island New Construction

Experienced builders and real estate investors know how lucrative new construction projects can be, but they need reliable capital to ensure that construction can begin quickly and never be delayed. Asset Based Lending has been offering the most trusted new construction loans for over a decade, providing hard money construction loans ranging from $100K to $2.5M for residential and mixed-use properties throughout the northeast and Florida. Due to high demand, ABL has expanded their five-star services to Rhode Island for 2021 and beyond.

Our team of experts can approve deals as fast as 24 hours and provide initial funding in 10 days or less, allowing you to start taking advantage of the seller’s market. With loans tailored to your individual project and a flexible draw schedule, ABL new construction loans are the premier option for serious real estate investors. Contact us today to be pre-approved for the best Rhode Island new construction loan.

The Premier Construction Loan Lender In Rhode Island
ExperienceCredit Score MinimumInterest RatePointsAdvance Rate On PurchaseAdvance Rate On ConstructionARVProperty TypesPre-Pay PenaltyExtensionsBlanket LoansLoan SizeLoan Terms
High6609.99%-15%0-2%Up to 70% Land Value100%Up to 67.5%Single Family, Multi Family, Mixed UseNoAvailableYes$100K to $3.5M12 Months

Closing Speed

A delay in securing funding could mean missing out on an incredible investment opportunity. We’ve closed loans in 48 hours, and average just 10 days.

Underwriting Flexibility

Flexible underwriting criteria allows fix and flip investors to secure funding not available to them through other institutions.

Competitive Rates

New construction investments for experienced contractors and investors are funded at interest rates of 9.99%–15% and 0–2% points. Loan amounts range from $100K to $3.5M

Rhode Island Needs New Housing Supply

Housing inventory has reached record lows for the state while high demand is driving sale prices to 5-year-highs, so residential new construction is needed for the market. Single-family and multi-family homes are both in high demand, with single-family homes experiencing a 44% drop in number of listings from the previous year. The top metro areas in the state are breaking records in terms of the average sale price for these homes; for example, the average sale price for homes in Cumberland Hill reached $327,450 during December 2020, which is a 15% increase from 2019 and a 5-year-high. Homes in the area were typically on market for only 30 days, which is a 37% decrease from the previous year and highlights the level of demand in the area. Other cities in the area are seeing similar trends, with the most common being that new housing is needed to fill the empty inventory.

Asset Based Lending always works to meet the market demand, providing more new construction loans in 2020 than any previous year. Our team of experts understands local real estate and good investments, using that knowledge to help real estate investors grow their business quickly. If you have been looking for your next successful construction project, finance your business with the best new construction loans Rhode Island has to offer. Contact us today to be approved for your hard money new construction loan within 24 hours.

Choosing Hard Money Loans For New Construction

Rhode Island construction loans vary greatly and choosing the right one can make a big difference in both funding speed and net profits. Many investors want to work with financial institutions like banks, however banks are very risk adverse when it comes to their lending which restricts their loans and disqualifies many borrowers. Other investors try to borrow from private money construction lenders in Rhode Island due to less restrictions, but private money loans come with less security and reliability which adds extra layers of risk to the investment.

Hard money lenders like ABL provide the reliability and security of a financial institution with the speed and flexibility of a private money lender. These hard money loans take an investor’s entire history into account to assess risk level, including real estate investing experience, income, credit score, liquid assets, etc. With no prepayment penalty and a variety of loan types, our team provides the highest quality service for our borrowers. If you’re ready to be approved for your hard money loan for new construction, contact us today.

Why Investors Choose Asset Based Lending For New Construction Loans

When you choose to secure a new construction loan, it means you need a lender that you can trust from start to finish. Asset Based Lending has a wide range of loan criteria, flexible underwriting that fits your specific project, and professional draw management that funds your construction without any delays. With half of our borrowers being repeat borrowers and more than 150 verified 5-star reviews, it’s clear that ABL provides the best hard money loans for new construction.

Our hard money lenders in RI love working with experienced investors on residential and mixed-use construction projects and look forward to funding your new construction in Rhode Island. Contact us today to be approved for the best RI new construction loans on the market.