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NJ Rental Loans

We’ve solved your need for better New Jersey rental loans.

Renovating and renting is one of the best investment options to grow your long-term wealth, especially in strong rental markets like New Jersey. Asset Based Lending now offers term rental loans for 1-4 family properties designed to benefit buy and hold investors. We offer rates as low as 4% and leverage up to 80% LTV. ABL offers a variety of rental loan options including 30-year amortization, ARM, or interest-only options.

With our unique capital structure and flexible underwriting, we’re able to offer single rental loans up to $3M and rental portfolio loans up to to $6.25M. Our team of experts are ready to help you become cash flow positive and build your real estate portfolio. Contact us today to experience the most trusted rental loans New Jersey has to offer.

NJ Rental Loan Highlights

  • No personal income verification
  • Light doc program
  • Portfolio loans available
  • 30 year, ARM, I/O options
  • Rates as low as 6.875%
  • Up to 80% LTV
  • 660 minimum credit score
  • Close term rental loan in 30 days

Our Team Is Here To Find You The Perfect Rental Loan.

The Best Rental Loans NJ Has To Offer

Lending Options

With our arsenal of rental property loans, investors know we can get them into the program that fits their needs. Max Cash Out? Lowest Rate? Highest LTV? We have you covered.

No Broker Fee

ABL isn’t brokering your loans, so you’ll never pay us broker fees. We’re a direct portfolio lender in NJ that underwrites, processes, and funds in house.

Peace of Mind

Our team of specialists will structure and pre-approve your rental property refinance while we’re closing your fix and flip loan, so you can rest easy knowing your exit strategy is ready.

Competitive Rates & LTVs

With rates between 4%–8% and LTVs as high as 80%, our cash out refinance programs for rental properties are as aggressive as you’ll find in market.

Flexible Underwriting

These programs were built by investors, for investors. We underwrite to the profitability of the project, and reduce documentation needs as much as possible.

The ABL Difference

Expert advice, access to decision-makers, speed, and reliability; the service you’ve come to expect from the ABL team.

Growing your New Jersey rental portfolio

New Jersey real estate continues to be a hot commodity, as housing supply remains low in a high demand market and suburban living becomes more desirable. As of 2020, New Jersey has the fourth highest average monthly rent in the country, meaning real estate investors are looking to start or expand their rental portfolio in the state. From the top of Bergen County down to the bottom of Cape May, the rental market continues to trend upward, making it the perfect time to maximize property value through renovation and generate high monthly income through renting. Assest Based Lending also makes it easy to refinance rental property, partnering with a trusted mortgage bank to give you access to flexible refinancing options.

Getting a loan for rental property is always a unique experience, but ABL makes it a fast and simple process. With over a decade of successful New Jersey rental property loans, we are always ready to tailor a loan to match your specific financial goals.

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat

Also known as the BRRRR strategy, buying a property to renovate, rent, and ultimately refinance is becoming a popular real estate investment business model. Keeping the property in your rental portfolio lets you generate monthly income to fuel your next property purchase, continuing your real estate momentum and setting yourself up for major financial gains. By choosing to refinance the property and repeating the process with the newly available funds, investors can more rapidly grow their net worth and expand their rental portfolio. With its growing housing demand and higher than average monthly rent, New Jersey is a perfect place to practice the BRRRR method of real estate investing.

When utilizing BRRRR investing, having flexible options when you choose to refinance rental property can help you reach your financial goal in the shortest amount of time. Asset Based Lending is dedicated to helping you navigate the process from start to finish, establishing your short-term and long-term loans at the same time so your exit strategy is secure. ABL is committed to providing the highest quality service with the most trusted rental loans NJ has to offer.

Choosing a rental property loan in New Jersey

There are many rental loan options available for real estate investors in New Jersey and choosing the right one can make the difference between a quick, easy process or a long term headache. Asset Based Lending specializes in fast and flexible rental property loans that are designed to match your financial goals. We understand rental property loan rates aren’t the only thing investors look for, so we’re committed to offering a variety of loan options, including no doc loans, max cash out loans, highest LTV loans, and more. While every investment and rental property loan in NJ is tailored specifically to your project, ABL and our lending partner always strive to offer the following:

  • Fast purchase and rehab loan approval- as fast as 24 hours with fun funding in 10 days or less
  • Competitive rental loan rates- between 4% and 8%
  • Loan options such as no doc, lowest rate, highest LTV, etc.
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Fast draw turnaround

We believe finding a loan to buy rental property or choosing to refinance rental property should be a fast and simple process. If you’re ready to build your real estate business and expand your rental portfolio, contact Asset Based Lending to experience the best rental loans in New Jersey.