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Boston Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Lenders in Boston, MA

When you need financing in Boston for your next real estate investment project in Boston, Asset Based Lending is the right place to start. We offer 12-month bridge funding in the form of interest-only hard money loans. Our loans in Boston are quick, convenient and built to suit various types of real estate investment: Fix and Flip, New Construction, Rental Loans.

Our Boston hard money loans are designed to help investors purchase non-owner-occupied land or homes that they plan to renovate or build. Whether you are an experienced investor or someone who is just getting ready to try a fix and flip, we may have the perfect loan options for you.

If you have a project in mind in Boston, our expert loan officers can quickly analyze the details to determine if it’s a good deal. With our years of experience handling real estate transactions in the area and long-term relationships with local service providers, you can enjoy a whole team of professional hard money lenders in Boston, MA to help your project succeed.

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Prequalifying with us may be as easy as filling out an online form or calling us. We can often offer initial pre-approval in as little as one day. To learn more about our loan programs in Boston, visit one of the links below:

Recently Funded: Boston, MA Fix And Flip
Purchase: $409,000 Loan Amount: $435,000
Renovation: $75,000 Sale Price: $592,000

The Premier Hard Money Lender For Boston Investors

Fix and Flip Loans

Turning an interest in flipping houses to a viable career as an investor takes knowledge and the ability to make the right decision in an instant. Boston has one of the highest rates of home flipping in the country, which provides plenty of opportunities but also a healthy competition. Investors hoping to get in on the ground floor of a deal while it is still affordable need to be able to act fast. The right house flipping loans can make the difference between a sale and having to return to the drawing board.

In this hot real estate environment for flips, it is not surprising that financing makes all the difference. Fix and flip investors often have to compete with all-cash buyers for the best deals. Applying for a traditional mortgage loan takes far too long — at least a few weeks if not a month or two.

The speed of the loan is one way that Asset Based Lending shines. People who want to sell a property for rehab do not want to wait long if there is a buyer with financing ready to go in a flash. Investors applying with us may be able to close within 10 days, or even just a few days if all the details are provided.

To help investors catch that fantastic opportunity in the shortest amount of time, our hard money lenders in Boston offer competitive financing options built for investors with lots of experience. We will also consider applications from first-timers, as long as they have a great plan and the knowledge to execute that plan. We lend up to 100% of the renovations and 85% of the purchase price. For more information about our interest rates and other details of this loan program, click here.

New Construction Loans

The demand for new construction in Boston continues to grow. This area appeals to millions of people, which puts pressure on a limited housing supply. Experienced investors with an interest in new construction and the skill to follow projects through each stage to completion have an important role to play. For these investors, Asset Based Lending can be an excellent source for new construction loans, along with the service investors need to help funding arrive all in the right time.

When investors compare what they get from traditional bank financing to the private money loans available from Asset Based Lending, the difference is clear. Our borrowers can finance up to 100% of the construction costs, along with up to 70% of the land purchase. Our expert team understands the importance of speed, so we immediately start by evaluating the project and the experience of the borrower.

Since we focus on different underwriting criteria for the loan, investors can see how we emphasize the importance of the project and the investors’ ability to complete it, rather than their personal finances. To learn more about our New Construction loans, click here.

Rental Loans

Asset Based Lending offers hard money rental loans for 1-4 family properties in Boston and the rest of Massachusetts. This rental property financing is used by buy and hold investors to begin or expand their rental portfolio. Our program provides single loans with a cap of $3M and portfolio loans with a cap of to $3M. ABL rental loans start at 6.875% interest rate with leverage up to 80% LTV, making them the most competitive loans on the market.

Experience is not required to be approved for these loans as we assess each deal based on the income-producing viability of the property. We work with the best local appraisers, attorneys, and title agents in Boston to ensure our borrowers receive five-star service from start to finish. These loans work best for investors following the BRRRR strategy, which is buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat. If you’re a BRRRR investor looking to finance rental property in Boston, click here.