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Post-Close FAQs

Interest Payments - FCI

You will be receiving information in the mail from our servicer, FCI Loan Services, within a few weeks of loan closing. You will be making your monthly interest payments directly to FCI and they will be sending you monthly statements.

FCI will send you information on how to create an account on their website and let you know the many convenient ways you can make your payment each month.  The safest and most convenient method of payment is ACH, a monthly auto debit directly from your bank account.  You should have already received the ACH Customer Authorization form from our Processing Team, but if you haven’t already filled it out and returned it to us, FCI will be sending you one as well which you can return directly to them.  *If you have a construction loan put ‘Various’ in the Monthly Payment Amount field as your interest payment will change as you draw down your loan.  FCI will send you notifications each month regarding the new payment amount and debit the proper amount of interest from your account.

If you need to reach out to FCI sooner, their customer service phone number is 800-931-2424.
If you wish to mail your payment the address is:

FCI Lender Services
PO Box 27370
Anaheim, CA 92809-0112

*Please note your loan number on any payment or inquiry that you make to FCI. If you don’t know your loan number, you can find it in your borrower portal account.

Draw Procedure

When you are ready to schedule your first draw inspection you may do so through your borrower portal account or by emailing a request to draws@abl1.net and and copying your Loan Officer. Please be sure to reference the property address on this email.

We will have the appraiser/inspector contact you to make an appointment to document the improvements you’ve made to the property.  We will review the inspection report and if the work completed is consistent with the relevant draw we will release the draw money to your entity’s bank account.  This draw process can take anywhere from 3-5 business days depending on your and the appraiser’s schedules, therefore, It is best to schedule the inspection several days before you feel you will need the draw.

Payoff Procedure

When you are ready to pay off your loan you may send a payoff request through your borrower portal account or by sending an email to payoffs@abl1.net. Payoff requests can take up to 5 business days so please consider that as you near the closing date. When you make the request be sure to include the property address in the subject line and the closing date in the body of the email.