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Hard Money Line Of Credit

ABL’s hard money line of credit is an exciting new hard money real estate loan program for investors seeking to capitalize on more of the opportunities the market has to offer.

Speed & Priority

You never know when the next great opportunity will present itself, and ABL understands that our role as your lender is to move as quickly as possible to make sure you can close the deal. Line Of Credit borrowers are moved to the top of the line with an expedited underwriting process that boasts pre-approval in one day and an average closing time of just one week.

Access To Capital

With almost unlimited lending capacity, investors can rest assured knowing that we’ll be at the closing table when you need us every time. Once secured, the real estate line of credit can be drawn by presenting the deal scenario during an expedited underwriting process to ensure the profitability of the deal and it’s adherence to ABL’s lending guidelines.

Growth Potential

Prolific real estate investors run out of the funds required to fix and flip, or buy and hold, long before they run out of potential properties. Having a fix and flip line of credit with a hard money lender like ABL means no longer questioning how new deals will get funded. Capitalize more on the tremendous opportunities the market has to offer and take your real estate business to the next level.

“Working with ABL has always been a complete pleasure! Dan and the team are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. They are quick and efficient and have always been available whenever I needed them. I believe they have been a true blessing to my business and can honestly say not one negative thing about them! I am very excited to continue working with them and am extremely happy with my decision to choose them as my lender!”

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Pre-Qualify Now For Your Hard Money Line Of Credit

Hard Money Line Of Credit FAQs

How do I get started?
The first step towards securing a line of credit for real estate investors is to complete the short pre-qualification form on this page. A Loan Officer will call you to discuss your needs, background, and business plan. Our Underwriters will then pre-underwrite you as the guarantor of the credit line and issue a written term sheet.
What is expedited underwriting?
We’re known for our closing speed, but borrowers with our hard money credit line are always fast-tracked. New deals get immediately prioritized and moved to the front of the line, and since the guarantors have already been pre-underwritten, only a quick underwriting of the deal scenario is necessary. Expect pre-approval in one day and closings in about a week.
What types of properties can the credit line be used for?
Non-owner occupied Single Family Attached & Detached, Condos, Multi-Family 1-4 Units
What information must be submitted for a new property?
When you are ready to submit a new deal, simply supply the property address, scope of work/draw schedule, and deal overview.