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Charleston South Carolina Purchase & New Construction Loan

Address: Charleston, South Carolina
Borrower Profile: First-Time Borrower — Experienced Real Estate Developer
Work Description: New Construction — Single Family Blanket
Purchase Price: $120,000
Renovation Budget: $590,680 (Construction)
Loan Amount: $631,000
Cash Available for Purchase: $22,320
Cash Available for Renovation: $590,680 (Construction)
Loan Structure: 12 months interest only
Loan Purpose: Land Purchase & Property New Construction
ARV: $530,000
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Charleston Hard Money Loan

­­­­Asset Based Lending recently funded a land purchase and new construction blanket loan for a new borrower and experienced real estate investor in Charleston South Carolina. This borrower is highly experienced and as previously constructed single-family homes in this area using these architectural plans. Due to the scarcity of land in Charleston, there is a high barrier to entry and very few new construction projects happen. The borrower purchased this land for $240,000 which had already been subdivided and cleared for building. They plan to construct 2 single-family homes with construction costs totaling $590,680, which ABL covered 100%. Both homes will be 2-story, have mid-level finishes, and hardwood floors. Construction is expected to last 5 months and the borrower will list the homes for final sale once complete.

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