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Tips For Flips - Real Estate Investor Coffee Roundtable

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Calling All New Jersey Real Estate Investors!

Join us every 4th Saturday of the month In Hoboken, right in the heart of the one of the nation’s busiest real estate markets, to discuss creative financing solutions for you and your clients. In the back of BWE we’ll be reviewing hard money financing strategies, real estate best practices, and how to leverage them for your investing success.

Participants include everyone from seasoned fix and flip rock stars to local appraisers, real estate agents, wholesalers, first time investors, and everyone in-between! Like an attendee at one of our recent events remarked – we all started somewhere, so let’s share the wealth!



Date: 4th Saturday Of Every Month Bwe Kafe
Time: 8am – 10am 1002 Washington St
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Cost: FREE Phone: (201) 683-0045

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